Size Does Matter

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Desperate time requires desperate measures. If you cannot get laid, grow a pair... of tits.


Blue Tea

Another feminization fantasy from Feminized. Click on image to enlarge!


Joybringer - a feminization science fiction story

FemFluxx has published this month's feminization photo comic. This one is by Morgana, which means that we have to be prepared for some pretty humiliating experiences.

A big multinational company has developed a technology that allows for body modifications of space colonists. Needless to say, it can also be used for feminization purposes.

Click here to read or download the feminization story!


The End of the Road

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Another sissy fantasy from Feminized.org.


Run, my friend, run!

So what do you do? Do you run for your life or do you stay for a new life?


Classic TG caps from November and December 2009

We are continuing with uploading classic caps whose links have died on our site.

Here are the ones from November and Desember 2009. (Click on images to enlarge!)

More below!


From A to Z

Magic grows out of chaos. Be careful with it! (click on cap to enlarge!)