To The Highest Bidder

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(Another big tits feminization TG caption from Feminized.org)


Eve now

There was something in that sullen look that made us think of this scenario.


Three Wishes (New MTF transformation comic from FemFluxx)

FemFluxx has published its monthly feminization photo comic update.

This month they present a good old fashioned genie in a lamp story. If you are into magical transformation stories, you will like this one.

The comic is free, as always. No annoying pop-ups and that sort of thing.

Read or download the MTF transformation story over at FemFluxx.


Classic Rebecca Caps 2008

One of our readers made us aware of the fact that some of the links to full sized captions from Rebecca's World have died on us.  These are captions from back in 2008 and 2009, stored here at feminized. org. The thumbnails are there, but they do not open the full sized images.

We are in the process of fixing the original posts, and has covered 2008 so far.

I am afraid we can only fix Rebecca's captions. The original images for the guest caps have been lost.

Here are some captions from 2008.


Problem Solved

Who cares about your small dick if you have great tits? Click to enlarge!