New TG erotica from Ed Miller

If you are a regular reader, you know my love for Ed Miller's trangender erotica.

He hasn't published new stories in a long time, but now there is a new short story over at Fictionmania.

It is called the Monkey's Paw and tells the story of a group of friends that find a magic object that can make them change their bodies at will.

The protagonist struggles hard against the temptation to change his body into a woman's, as even small changes turns him on immensely.

All right, it is a new treat for all your big tits fetishists out there!


Minicap: Spell

Here is a TG quicky for you. Click on image to enlarge!


Guest Cap: Panty Rashes

Vicki Santeuse gave me this series, and neither she nor I will under any circumstance be willing to tell you where you can buy those panties.

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The Lottery

Jake, I can hear you are not crying any more. Those are more like girly moans of pleasure, aren't they?

By all means, don't hold back; it is good for your system to vocalize your feelings. It brings your soul and your new body in balance, merges them into one new coherent personality, so to speak.

I am also glad you have stopped trying to negotiating with me, pleading me to turn you back into a man again. You probably see now that your old self has nothing that we need, anyway.

This isn't about your needs you know, it is about the needs of the community, of our common good.

I didn't engineer that plague, Donald. No one did, but losing 80 percent of the female population means that we have to make some drastic measures to retain social and economic stability.

You didn't lose the lottery, Donald, you won it. You are one of the 10 million men chosen to become mothers of the new nation. You should be proud of yourself!

You should feel sorry for Phil here, the stud that is fucking you right now. You see, he only got second prize in the lottery. He has been recruited to act as your guardian, with an obligation to make love to you every day until you get pregnant.

He will also have to pay for your livelihood and see to it that your kids get a good education. Poor sod!

We did allow him to choose your looks, though. We need you both to thrive and prosper, you know.

This one's for Jake.

Images from Totally Redhead.

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My life as Amanda (TG Video Cap)

Captioning has become a very important artform in the TG community, in many ways on the same level as the traditional TG short story. Although the images are borrowed from others, the combination of photo and text may be highly original.

But what about video. Is it possible to caption a video?

It has been done (see for instance the Kylie video by TGtales.), but so far the technological restraints have made it difficult for amateurs to edit video in any sensible way.

Now, however, it is actually quite easy. It took me no longer than one day to master iMovie for the Mac, a program that is actually installed on any Mac bought today.

So, I found some (in my opinion) arousing footage from the high class erotic site First Time Videos, downloaded some related images, wrote a text in Keynote (another Mac program) and imported a song by Jakatta from my iTunes library. And hey presto, here is my first TG video cap!

If you tell me you like it, I will make more.

If you have a broadband connection, you should definitely download one of the following files. These are of a much better technical quality.
Alternative DivShare Flash viewer.


Guest Cap: Should Have Used A Pop Up Blocker

Here's a cap I got from Katie over at Rachel's Haven. I have now deinstalled all my pop up blockers.

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Sorry, mate!

What did you say, Sean? Let you go? Sorry mate, can't do that.

Your ex-wife was very clear in her instructions: We are to keep you here for as long as it takes.

She is adamant that she gets her revenge.

You know, it wasn't nice of you to leave her like that with the kids. Have you any idea of what that meant for her career?

And you weren't exactly punctual in your payments, either, were you?

Listen, spread your legs further apart, will you? It is important that Fred leaves all his sperm inside you.

No, I am not interested in your explanations. Since your wife married that millionaire she can afford to pay us well, and I don't mind fucking that hot, little, body the witch gave you.

Fred likes you as well. I guess that grunt meant that he shot his load inside your tight little pussy.

Don't worry, honey, I am ready for round three. And do you know what? You are exactly in that part of the cycle when your body is most fertile.

You are going to be a mother, dear Sean - a single mother.

And as soon as you are pregnant, it will be impossible to change you back.

Isn't that nice!

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Guest Cap: Learning to say no

I definitely like the humor of this one. It is a gift from Leila over at Rachel's Haven.

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It's A Boy Girl Thing - a romantic TG comedy

Scandinavian DVD importers are strange people. They somehow feel that they have to change the original English title of American movies to make it sell better in the local market, and then manage to give them new titles in English! Hence my rental copy of It's a Boy Girl Thing is called He's the Girl!

The fact is, it could just as well have been called She's the Boy.

This is another comedy with strong transgender elements, although not in the same league as the previous TG comedy I presented: Transamerica.

This is a romantic comedy, a pink and bright blue chick flick, where the bodyswap theme is there to help the makers explore gender stereotypes in an admittedly funny way.

It is all there: the handsome high school working class football player, and the beautiful intelligent, Yale-bound, poetry lover, both struggling with difficult parents and airhead cheerleaders. Yes, there is a prom/homecoming scene, and even we who do not live in the US find it all so predictable.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised. We are supposed to like chick flicks, remember?

Samaire Armstrong plays both Nell Bedworth and Woody Deane. So does Kevin Zegers. It is a long story. but I cant tell you that an Aztec god and shapeshifter is involved.

Here's the trailer:

And here's the accompanying video set to a song by Leann Rimes:

IMDB on It's a Boy Girl Thing
Official movie site (UK)
Wikipedia on It's a Boy Girl Thing
Buy It's a Boy Girl Thing online!


Gerald and Geraldine

Here is a sweet French animated movie about Gerald who one morning woke up as Geraldine.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sir Lee for telling me about the original Arthur de Pins site, which has a better quality version of the video (see comments).

Arthur graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris in 2000. He is working as an animator, illustrator, character designer, and director.

There is an absolutely delightful collection of some of his illustrations over at Paintalicious. Take a look! You will love them.

See also his MySpace page.


Transamerica - a TG movie

If you take a look in the link section of the left hand side of this web page, you will find links to sites that lists movies with transgender content.

There seems to be so many of these movies, but it is hard to identify the gems and to determine what extent the TG factor is at the core of the story or just something the director has added to it in a moment of confusion.

Which is why I would urge you to add a comment to this post and tell us about your favorite TG movie, so that we -- the rest of us -- can go out and buy them.

This week I found two TG related movies at my local video store, which definitely is a record. The other will be presented in another post. Here I will focus on the best one.


Transamerica (what a great title!) is from 2005. It won the Golden Globe and had two nominations for the Oscars.

The transwoman Bree (played by Felicity Huffman) is only weeks away from her sex change operation, when she discovers that she has a son.

Her psychiatrist decides that this is something she has to sort out before the operation, and Bree (who pretends to be a concerned church member) and her son (who has no idea that this woman is his father) soon becomes part of a great American road movie, as they drive from New York to LA.

Although this was not a smash hit, it certainly got a lot of coverage. That is good, because that means that transgender issues are not longer totally outside the field of the public's awareness.

Here is the trailer:

IMDB on Transamerica
Wikepedia on Transamerica
Official movie site
Buy Transamerica online

PS: Could someone please tell me why the American DVD has a picture of Felicity that is totally different from her appearance in the movie?

The amazing thing about her looks and acting was that she was totally believable as an ex-man journeying towards womanhood. This one, however...


Guest Cap: Gender Grenade

The artwork of this cap made by Courtney over at Rachel's Haven is just amazing!

Click on image to enlarge!


The femininization TV show!

Here's an idea for a TV show: Recruit a lot of young boys and dress them up as little girls!

What? It has been done already? In Japan, you say? Of course...

You will find more episodes over at YouTube.

Thanks to Wiggin over at Feeling Femme for this one!

Oral fixation

- Are you trying to tell me that that is Kyle?

- Kira, she answers to the name of Kira now.

- Whatever! But you actually changed your old boyfriend into this sexy slut?

- Yes, he asked me for it!

- Really!?

- Yes, he said that he was tired of all the responsibility at work...

- (and keeping up with your unreasonable demands, I guess)

- ...so I changed him into this beautiful woman.

- And what did his new girlfriend say to this?

- I don't know. She's not around anymore. Don't ask!

- I'd better not. What's all that sucking about?

- Kira has no worries anymore. If you give her something to suck on, she is happy as a fed and dry baby. Isn't she adorable? She has no worries in the world!

Would you like to be like her?

This one is dedicated to Kira.

Click on images to enlarge!


Transastic ! (Transexual erotica)

There is a nymph living in the pool of Ron's family.

Only Ron believes this, of course, but for once in his life he is right!

This nymph is a trickster and shapeshifter, changing people's bodies according to their subconscious dreams.

This one is for those of you who loves pre-op transexuals, and may even dream of becoming a "chick with a dick".

(I don't like the term "shemale", as it seems to imply that these girls are males with a "she-" prefix. The term transwoman is so much better!)

The images are from two shoots made by Wiredshemales.com.

The full screen PDF file can be downloaded for free from Box.net.

This one is dedicated to Vicki!
Alternative download site


Tanto's 99 Laws of TG

If you haven't done so already, you should take a look at Tanto's 99 Laws of TG Fiction over at Fictionmania.

It is absolutely hilarious. Here are a few:

1) The Laws of Quantum Reality favor TG. Of all possible outcomes to a situation, most will result in TG. Unknown containers, curious knick-knacks, and strange devices will all cause TG. Odd stores appearing, dispensing such items, and disappearing are an example of quantum realities overlapping in order to facilitate TG.

6) Law of Wish Invariability: Any wish made anywhere by anyone will inevitably be granted, unless it is to reverse TG (See Law #1).

9) 77% of non-TG women are witches.

19) Fact: The average woman masturbates 637 times daily. For men that have been the subject of TG, this number is increased by 35%.

22) 83% percent of nerds know how to induce TG.

43) While it is possible in certain rare circumstances to reverse TG, it is not possible to do so once the breasts have grown past a DD-cup, nor is it possible or desirable to shrink the breasts past this point. This is known as the DD-barrier.

45) Having sex always cancels out any way to reverse TG. Transformees are almost always warned of this, but they get caught up in the moment and have sex anyway.

57) 34DDD, 34EE, and 34F are all distinct, increasingly larger cup sizes.

66) Most men, after undergoing TG, would gladly trade their intelligence for larger breasts.

79) Mass is generated or eliminated as is convenient. The excess mass released from turning a 6'7" linebacker into a 4'11" sex goddess simply disappears.

I am glad to say that all of the stories here at The Other Side of Your Soulare in accordance with the 99 laws.


Guest Cap: "Scholastic Aptitude " or "Extra Credit"

SometimesSimone gave me this cap a while ago. It is an upbeat story about the wonders of modern science.

I give it an A and thought I should share it with you.

Click on images to enlarge!


New TG captions blog from the UK

The number of dedicated TG cap blogs is increasing steadily.

Now Jo, of Joanna's Diary fame, has launched a blog presenting soft core TG captions.

She will ultimately move all her caps from the diary over to this new blog.

The design is elegant and the TG caps are professionally layed out. I like them!

I am also glad to see more fellow Europeans joining the TG blog scene.

Take a look at tgcaptions.co.uk!


This is what I have done with the donations!

I am overwhelmed with the response I have gotten on my request for donations to the upkeep of Rebecca's World.

Most of all I am touched by the fact that you actually care about this site, and that it apparently makes a small difference for some of you.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

The donations have contributed to the coverage of costs related to:

1. Mai Tais, obviously, strong ones. I am told they are very nourishing. C vitamins, anti-oxidants and all that, you know...

2. Video conversion software (Quicktime Pro and Visualhub). The Mac has easy to use video editing software (iMovie), but it is hard to produce files that works on all computers and on YouTube, Divshare and Blogger. Now I can make video caps that you all can see.

3. Paid subscriptions to Box.net and Divshare. Mediamax collapsed and many of you experienced problems with downloading PDF files. Redundancy is now ensured by having links to two alternative file sharing services. Heck, you may even download the presentations from Slideshare. Divshare also lets me produce Flash versions of videos.

4. I have signed up with BlogBackupOnline to make sure that all the good stuff survives in case Blogger decides to do something stupid. (I have witnessed several TG blog mysteriously disappear from Blogger).

Yes, the next step will be video captions. It is not as hard as it sounds, given the usability of modern software. The Mac is in my a miracle in that respect. I learned iMove 08 and mixed my first video in one day!

Anyone giving a contribution, will get an unpublished erotic photo story in return! (Paypal will provide you with a link to a secret download page).

If any of you that have donated have not found your gift, send me a mail and I will give you the URL.