Oral fixation

- Are you trying to tell me that that is Kyle?

- Kira, she answers to the name of Kira now.

- Whatever! But you actually changed your old boyfriend into this sexy slut?

- Yes, he asked me for it!

- Really!?

- Yes, he said that he was tired of all the responsibility at work...

- (and keeping up with your unreasonable demands, I guess)

- ...so I changed him into this beautiful woman.

- And what did his new girlfriend say to this?

- I don't know. She's not around anymore. Don't ask!

- I'd better not. What's all that sucking about?

- Kira has no worries anymore. If you give her something to suck on, she is happy as a fed and dry baby. Isn't she adorable? She has no worries in the world!

Would you like to be like her?

This one is dedicated to Kira.

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