Transastic ! (Transexual erotica)

There is a nymph living in the pool of Ron's family.

Only Ron believes this, of course, but for once in his life he is right!

This nymph is a trickster and shapeshifter, changing people's bodies according to their subconscious dreams.

This one is for those of you who loves pre-op transexuals, and may even dream of becoming a "chick with a dick".

(I don't like the term "shemale", as it seems to imply that these girls are males with a "she-" prefix. The term transwoman is so much better!)

The images are from two shoots made by Wiredshemales.com.

The full screen PDF file can be downloaded for free from Box.net.

This one is dedicated to Vicki!
Alternative download site


  1. Angeline8/12/2008

    Why can I not be as lucky...

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