Tanto's 99 Laws of TG

If you haven't done so already, you should take a look at Tanto's 99 Laws of TG Fiction over at Fictionmania.

It is absolutely hilarious. Here are a few:

1) The Laws of Quantum Reality favor TG. Of all possible outcomes to a situation, most will result in TG. Unknown containers, curious knick-knacks, and strange devices will all cause TG. Odd stores appearing, dispensing such items, and disappearing are an example of quantum realities overlapping in order to facilitate TG.

6) Law of Wish Invariability: Any wish made anywhere by anyone will inevitably be granted, unless it is to reverse TG (See Law #1).

9) 77% of non-TG women are witches.

19) Fact: The average woman masturbates 637 times daily. For men that have been the subject of TG, this number is increased by 35%.

22) 83% percent of nerds know how to induce TG.

43) While it is possible in certain rare circumstances to reverse TG, it is not possible to do so once the breasts have grown past a DD-cup, nor is it possible or desirable to shrink the breasts past this point. This is known as the DD-barrier.

45) Having sex always cancels out any way to reverse TG. Transformees are almost always warned of this, but they get caught up in the moment and have sex anyway.

57) 34DDD, 34EE, and 34F are all distinct, increasingly larger cup sizes.

66) Most men, after undergoing TG, would gladly trade their intelligence for larger breasts.

79) Mass is generated or eliminated as is convenient. The excess mass released from turning a 6'7" linebacker into a 4'11" sex goddess simply disappears.

I am glad to say that all of the stories here at The Other Side of Your Soulare in accordance with the 99 laws.

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  1. I like the one where new breasts are always "the size of cantaloupes"


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