This is what I have done with the donations!

I am overwhelmed with the response I have gotten on my request for donations to the upkeep of Rebecca's World.

Most of all I am touched by the fact that you actually care about this site, and that it apparently makes a small difference for some of you.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

The donations have contributed to the coverage of costs related to:

1. Mai Tais, obviously, strong ones. I am told they are very nourishing. C vitamins, anti-oxidants and all that, you know...

2. Video conversion software (Quicktime Pro and Visualhub). The Mac has easy to use video editing software (iMovie), but it is hard to produce files that works on all computers and on YouTube, Divshare and Blogger. Now I can make video caps that you all can see.

3. Paid subscriptions to Box.net and Divshare. Mediamax collapsed and many of you experienced problems with downloading PDF files. Redundancy is now ensured by having links to two alternative file sharing services. Heck, you may even download the presentations from Slideshare. Divshare also lets me produce Flash versions of videos.

4. I have signed up with BlogBackupOnline to make sure that all the good stuff survives in case Blogger decides to do something stupid. (I have witnessed several TG blog mysteriously disappear from Blogger).

Yes, the next step will be video captions. It is not as hard as it sounds, given the usability of modern software. The Mac is in my a miracle in that respect. I learned iMove 08 and mixed my first video in one day!

Anyone giving a contribution, will get an unpublished erotic photo story in return! (Paypal will provide you with a link to a secret download page).

If any of you that have donated have not found your gift, send me a mail and I will give you the URL.


  1. Hi Rebecca. Love the site.

    Was just wondering if I could do a link swap with you. I have been doing captions for a few years on my personal site. I'm now setting up a blog format to make it easier to maintain them

    www.tgcaptions.co.uk is my new site

    www.joannasdiary.co.uk is my older site.

    Both have links to your great site on them. Could you add me to your blog roll please?



  2. Of course! I have also put up a small post about your new site. I like it very much!

    Thanks for the links!



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