Mark becomes Chloe

I have to hold on to my memories! I have to remember who I am. I must fight the urges of this body, because if I don't Phil will have his will with me.

He will have that big breasted slut he has been longing for. A sexy woman that obeys his every wish and fucks him senseless every night.

God, that spell is strong. I can feel the magic surge through me, permeating every cell of my new body. I have to remember.

I am Mark, the photographer from Havensoft Studios. I am Mark, a man living in New York. I am Mark, I am a man, I am a man.

Oh, this feels so good. It feels so good when he kisses my nipples like that. And he has given me such magnificent tits.

No, I mustn't go there. I must stick to my mantra: I am Mark, I am a man living and working in New York. If I can stay on track I am sure I can break this spell. I must.

Look at that cock of his. It must be twice as big as my own. That's it: I must remember my cock. I am a man and like to make love to women. I am a man and like to touch big cocks. Fuck, I am slipping.

I am a man, and I like women, I like women with big tits and big asses. I like having female curves like a woman. I like my sexy booty. No, no, no, focus, damn it, focus.

I am a man, and my name is, is.... What was it? My name is Chloe, I like to serve men like Phil. I am a sexy, curvaceous girl, who likes to be fucked in the ass.

No, I am a photographer. Hold on to that!

I am a photographer who like to take pictures of voluptuous women being fucked by strong men. And who likes to suck big dicks, and worship males like Phil.

Oh God, this is so good. Fill me up Phil! Fill me up with you penis. Make me a woman, Phil, and I will be yours forever. Oh God, Phil, I love you so much!

I will serve you forever, Phil. I will cook for you, give you babies, be your slut, whatever. Just make love to me and make me feel safe.

Oh yeah, that's it. Fuck me harder, harder, harder!

Images from Realitykings.com.

This one is for Simone over at RH.

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