Transamerica - a TG movie

If you take a look in the link section of the left hand side of this web page, you will find links to sites that lists movies with transgender content.

There seems to be so many of these movies, but it is hard to identify the gems and to determine what extent the TG factor is at the core of the story or just something the director has added to it in a moment of confusion.

Which is why I would urge you to add a comment to this post and tell us about your favorite TG movie, so that we -- the rest of us -- can go out and buy them.

This week I found two TG related movies at my local video store, which definitely is a record. The other will be presented in another post. Here I will focus on the best one.


Transamerica (what a great title!) is from 2005. It won the Golden Globe and had two nominations for the Oscars.

The transwoman Bree (played by Felicity Huffman) is only weeks away from her sex change operation, when she discovers that she has a son.

Her psychiatrist decides that this is something she has to sort out before the operation, and Bree (who pretends to be a concerned church member) and her son (who has no idea that this woman is his father) soon becomes part of a great American road movie, as they drive from New York to LA.

Although this was not a smash hit, it certainly got a lot of coverage. That is good, because that means that transgender issues are not longer totally outside the field of the public's awareness.

Here is the trailer:

IMDB on Transamerica
Wikepedia on Transamerica
Official movie site
Buy Transamerica online

PS: Could someone please tell me why the American DVD has a picture of Felicity that is totally different from her appearance in the movie?

The amazing thing about her looks and acting was that she was totally believable as an ex-man journeying towards womanhood. This one, however...


  1. I have 2 favorite TG movies of the last couple of years:

    1. Zerophilia (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421090/). This one has the better storyline of the 2, and some very nice transformations. Also, Rebecca Mozo is simply gorgeous! The ending of this one was more to my liking as well...

    2. It's a Boy/Girl Thing (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482527/)
    This is the funnier of the 2. Samaire is very cute, and the way they try to ruin each other's lives is very funny. Won't spoil the ending for you, but I have to say it wasn't how I usually like body swaps to end...

  2. I found It's a Boy/Girl thing at my local video store some weeks ago, and a review is coming up later this month! I enjoyed it.

    I hadn't heard about the Zerophilia movie, though. I'd better get it from Amazon.

    Any others worth mentioning?


  3. Not really. These are the best by far.

    Sure, there are some older films (Switch, Memory Run, Orlando, Dating The Enemy, The Hot Chick), some B- (or perhaps even C-) movies (like Cold Day In Hell, Cleo Leo, Sexual Chemistry, Repligator), a number of adult films (Dr. Jeckel & Ms. Hide, Payback, Heaven Sent, In The Jeans, Denim, Angel On Fire) and a whole bunch of anime (Tenshi Na Konamaiki, Kashimashi, some Urusei Yatsura eps, etc.). None of them come even close to the quality of the 2 movies on my first post though.


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