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Valentina stars in my new TG photo comic.
Here is another story set in the Spell Book universe. It may not be the most original TG story ever written, but boy does it contain pictures of some really beautiful women.

Anyway, the spell books have a will of their own and pop up where they are least expected. It seems to me they are neither good nor bad. They remind me a bit of the tricksters of mythology, forces rocking our worlds of imagines safety and making them more... exciting.

Frank is the one in possession of the books this time, and he is using them to turn both male foes and male enemies into female sex slaves.

The photos of Alyssa Divine and Valentina Nappi are respectfully borrowed from Brazzers.com, a constant source of inspiration.

You can download the full size PDF here or here!

If you are using an iPad or other tablet, you should go to Slideshare and read it there.

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New Facebook-page for Transgender Fantasy!

I probably didn't know what I set out to do when I decided to help TG fiction and art more visible among those that dream about trying out the life on the other side.

I am struggling to keep my directory up to date, for the simple reason that more and more gender challengers are getting involved in the creation of stories, caps, comics and movies. That is a problem I can live with!

My good friend Cheryl over at Tranisa suggested that we should set up a Facebook-page for transgender fantasies. Admittedly not all readers of this blog would like to use their regular Facebook account to follow Rebecca's World, but some may like to follow this page.

Besides, the page is public. You can read it even if you are not on Facebook.

So with no further ado I now declare Transgender Fantasy for open!

Visit the page! Like it! Add content to it!


Hoodoo Gone Bad

She should have been back by now. She said she would. Damn, Damien should never have accepted her stupid proposal.

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It was her wonderful smile that did it. Or maybe her amazing body. Or the fact that she in so many ways represented his exact opposite.

"I am doing a woman's study of capitalist white male power in the post-industrialist society," she had explained. Or maybe he had misunderstood. She used many words compared to the women he usually dated.

Or maybe it wasn't a date. Maybe she was honest when she said she wanted to have dinner with him in order to interview him for her research project. Maybe, for women, "no" sometimes meant "no". Now, that was a disturbing thought!

He hadn't taken her seriously. He rarely did take women seriously, with the exception of his mother and his grand aunt Tess. God, you did not mess with Tess if you wanted your inheritance. Anyway... the girl called herself Angela, and said that her mother had named her after Angela Davis (as if that meant anything to anyone). And she wanted to borrow his body for a day, so that she could gain first hand experience from the life of a WASP stock broker. Or was it "suprematist"? He did not get the insect reference, either.

Anyhow, she said that she descended from a a long line of hoodoo witches with the power of soul capture. He had smirked at that, not only because she believed in magic, but also because she had said hoodoo instead of voodoo. He had seen the James Bond movie. He knew it was called voodoo. Stupid women!

She should been her by now. And he needed to get back to his desk. Someone was selling of T.G.F. stock by the millions, and he did not understand why. He needed to get back on the floor now, or he would be broke by the end of the day.

Besides, being in her body was very disturbing. And distracting. And disconcerting. And - he had to admit it - delicious. He wanted so bad to touch it, but was afraid that if he did, he would go mad, or gay or something. There were already images in his mind that he had to forcefully push away, images of him on his back....

Oh God. She should have been here by now. Hm, maybe she... No, she couldn't! .... Well, maybe she was the one selling stock? In his name? She had access to all his accounts, damn it! Maybe she would just leave him here, stranded in her beautiful ebony body.

He started screaming.


Two Doors

"For you and your brother, I am afraid there is only one thing," the lawyer had said. He had gathered the family for the reading of the testament of Charles' grand aunt Agatha. The embarrassment on the lawyer's face was unmistakable. After all, the sister of Charles and Daniel had already inherited all her Apple stock, while her housekeeper had gotten her house and her rottweiler.

Photo from Photos.com. Click to enlarge!
The lawyer held out a golden key. "The will says that this key can be used on one of the two colored doors in the bath room in the basement. I quote: "I will ask my favorite nephews to choose wisely and with their hearts. The right door is to a life in riches, the other to a life in happiness."

The whole family had talked about the red and blue doors forever, wondering what kind of wonders were to be found behind them, but Agatha has never said a word.

Later that night the two brothers went down into the cellar of the huge mansion and approached the two doors.

"Which one do we open?" Charles asked. "The red or the blue?" They looked down and found the big dog looking up at them, tongue out.

"Which one shall we go for, Roxy?" Charles ask the dog. The dog started scratching on the red door.

"Ah, of course, Agatha would go for the red one. That is the one with happiness inside," Charles said.

"Yeah, well, but wouldn't you rather go for riches?" Daniel asked.

"What does your heart say?"

"All right, all right, follow the dog!"

Charles put the key in the lock. It fit. He pushed the door open.
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"This is strange," Daniel said. "This room is an exact copy of  the one we are in now."  And so it seemed. Charles spotted a copy of the washbasins behind them, the stalls, the lights in the ceiling.

"Why on earth would she make another rest room identical to this one?" Charles asked.

"Never mind, let us go inside and see!"

As soon as the two of them was inside the other room, it was as if their perspective shifted. Now they were looking into the room they had left, as if that was the secret room behind the red door. And behind them they could see the two washbasins and the mirrors over them.

"What happened?" Charles exclaimed.

"I don't know," Daniel wheezed, "but something is seriously wrong!" He looked over at his brother who at that very moment was transforming into a beautiful Hispanic woman with long black hair. His t-shirt shimmered before settling into the shape of a bright red silk dress.

"Oh my God! Charles, you are changing!" Then he grabbed his chest, feeling soft mounds expand under his fingers. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror. There was another beautiful woman there with long black hair and a pink dress with a floral pattern.

They were both trying hard to control their fear. Charles bit his lip, breathing heavily. He could feel his chest rise and fall under his silk negligee.

"Oh my! Aunt Agatha always said that only women could be truly happy in this world," he sighed. "This is obviously what she considers her ultimate gift to us."

"If we go back into the other room, we will probably change back again," Daniel replied.

"I am sure we will," Charles whispered. "But don't you think we ought to explore this mirror world first?"

Daniel touched his left nipple.... and smiled.


Designer Captions

Anyone working on TG captions know that the basic model is the two panel cap: a picture to the left and text to the right. The fact is, many brilliant captions are made this way. It works well as long as the typeface is readable, the photo is good and the story makes sense.

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I have made many caps of this kind myself, but I must admit that I sometimes find the format too limiting. To right you can see the first cap I published over at Rachel's Haven in 2007. That white canvas just begged to be used for something more than photo+black-on-white.

Using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or similar software packages it is possible to use the lay out of the caption to expand the story.

The fact is that doing something like this isn't that hard. If you use Photoshop Elements, as I do, you will have to learn how to handle layers and transparency, but that is quite easy to do.

Respectfully stolen from Modern Goddess
Those who cannot afford to buy software, can use Gimp. Heck, you can even use Keynote or PowerPoint to make "designer caps".

Lately I have found several captioners who are moving capping to a whole new level, design wise, using the design to expand on the story.

Originally published on Codex of Corruption.
Click on cap to enlarge!
Take a look at Miss Simone's Concealing the Truth to the left. Look at how the horizontal line of the headline balances the vertical line that goes down to the logo. She does, of course, fetch her back ground colors from the photo.

I just love it!

Below I have also included her Perfect Package cap. The contrast between the red and black rectangular fields are perfectly balanced. Mmmm.

Victoria Hyde takes this up one more level, using the typography to express the difference between the inhuman computer and the bewildered victim in Bonding Process.

From Modern Goddess
The black, grey and white color scheme is made more exciting by a dash of red. Notice how the red of the "evil" computer font is reflected in that red stripe in the headline. Woow!

I definitely have some catching up to do.

By the way, Victoria's site Codex of Corruption is a good example of how you can use the Tumblr blog platform  (instead of Blogger) to design a great blog.

For my next post on designer caps: Can you tell me about cap designs you have found exciting or interesting. Include the URL, please!


Guest Caps: No More Boxer Shorts for You

Sapphire Blue
Most cappers find some nice photos and fire up their computers before designing their captions.

Then there is Claire, who is in no way like a regular cap-maker. Claire phones a couple of porn stars she knows and likes, invites them over, makes a movie -- and then she writes the cap. (I wish!)

The following one is made on the basis of the movie Rosemary's Tranny, featuring Paige Turnah and Sapphire Blue.

Here's what I am trying to say: You won't normally find pictures of Sapphire wearing boxer shorts, so how can you make a cap like this without calling her.
Click on cap to enlarge!

At  other times Claire takes movie photo material and turns it into a new idea. She tells me the following cap may become the basis for a POV movie (i.e. a point of view story where the camera-man takes your place in the story). 

Click on cap to read!
Maybe you have some ideas about what Sapphire and Paige could say to you in such a scenario? Should they expand on their own stories? Tell you more about what you will be going through? Feel free to add your ideas in a comment! I'll make sure Claire reads them.
By the way, Tranisa has published a new movie called Turning into a Girl, which might be of interest. The movie features James, who has become allergic to his own testosterone. The doctor sees only one possible solution to that problem. Don't we all!