Guest Cap: I heart...

Here is another wonderfully wicked cap from realfield!

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The Mechanic

This is the tale about the mechanic Kevin, his ungrateful wife and his good colleagues at work.

It is kind of uplifting really, if you like that kind of thing.

The images of Kagney are from Moster Curves.

Download PDF!
Alternative site.

This one is for Relattic.



"I cannot believe this! You used the spell books to turn Eli into a girl?"

"Yes, for seven years he bullied me at school. Now I am going to bully him for the next seven."

"But why a girl?"

"He always used to call me a sissy, a girlie and a bitch!"

"Ah, bitch...Well, that explains the dog collar."

"Yes. Ellie sleeps on the floor now and fights Pluto for scraps."

"That's poetic justice, I guess. What about the penis gag?"

"For training. I mean, I could have let him stay in his own body and used the spell book to force him to obey. But I am lonely. I need someone to take care of me, and that gag is for training purposes."

"I see. Hm. Do you mind if we share?"

"Not at all! Ellie will need all the nourishment she can get."

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Guest Cap: My Chemical Romance

Rellatic made me this cap series. She says: "I am a big fan of your babylon academy series and so i wanted to make you an kind of adaption. Hope you like it."

I sure do! And this is actually the most amazing use of GIF animation I have ever seen!



The Vagina Song

Earlier this month I presented the controversial movie Ticked-off Trannies with Knives.

The main actress of that movie is Willam Bell. She is most known for her role as s transsexual Cherry Peck in Nip/Tuck.

Those who have followed the toxic "true transsexual" vs. "creepy crossdresser" debates on the Internet, will find Willam a bit of a relief.

Here is one lady who dares to jest with the transgender condition, and I think she has earned the right to do so.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "the Vagina Song":



The Haven Quarterly

TG forum and captioning site Rachel's Haven has launched its own online magazine in an effort to cover server costs.

The magazine is called The Haven Quarterly and is yours for a USD 10 donation.

By the way, Haven is a great place if you want to try out your captioning skills without going to the step of setting up your own blog.


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The first Flash cap at Rebecca's World

Relattic over at Rachel's Haven has given me an interactive dynamic Flash TG caption!

As is to be expected, radical innovation of this sort does provide some challenges, one of them being the size of the file.

OK. So here's what you do:

Click on the Read more... link below. Then wait for some 50 seconds while the Flash file is downloaded into your browser.

The wait is worth it. I promise!

Please note that the cap includes explicit imagery! Adults only etc. etc.!


Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives

One of the more controversial transgender movies of the year (or rather last year) is Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives.

Is it, as the makers of the movie claim, a movie supporting tranwomen, or is it painting a caricature of male to female transsexuals as artificial drag queens?

To be honest, I am not sure.

One the one hand the movie empowers transwomen, showing them as strong and capable human beings beating their enemies.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the director is playing on the general public's expectations of transwomen being "weird".

It is clearly an homage to the revenge exploitation films of the seventies. Our heroines are beaten up by transphobic men. But they take a horrible revenge!

In the US the movie is shown at Showtime, and can also be rented from Netflix. You can also buy it from Amazon (link below).



Oh Carl, the results are so much better than I had anticipated! Those nanosurgeons are really good aren't they?

Did it hurt a lot? The change I mean? No? They say it is the restructuring of the bones that takes most time and which brings most pain, but you seem to have coped well.

Ah, think about it. Two months ago you were the CEO of my company. My trusted partner. And look at you now: A sweet little sexy girlie, with long blonde curls and soft tits.

Sit in my lap, will you? Ah, that's good. There isn't much resistance in you, is there?

They promised me as much, but I must say I would have expected some protests, for instance when I pinch your left nipple like this... Hm, was that a moan? Yes, it was! And you really pressing your sweet little tush down against my hardening cock... You are, aren't you?

God, you are hot!

This is great. Who would have believed. You should never have crossed me, you know. But Anna warned me. "Carl is trying to dilute your stock," she said. "You have to watch out!"

I did, and now I am the boss of the company.

Yeah, that's good, Pull out my cock will you, and put it in your mouth! Remember what Anna did to you when you were her boss. That's good. Careful with those teeth, now, Candy!

I heard you went out shopping today, together with Anna. You liked that, didn't you. Found yourself some nice dresses and some expensive shoes, I hear. You even begged her for a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Hmmm, you are dripping wet! Talking about dressing up like a sexy woman turns you on, does it not? And that sweet perfume fits your sweet innocent little face perfectly.

Now, bend over, will you? I think it is time to take your newfound virginity. Spread your legs for me!

Can you feel that? That is my cock touching your pussy lips, and this is me filling you up with. Harder? You are begging me to fuck you harder? I can do that!

Oh Candy, Candy, I am so looking forward to sharing you with the board!

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This one is for Realfield.


In the air

Here's a new short movie from TG Tales.

The soundtrack is authentic. A Thai airline has started employing transwomen as air hostesses!

Guest Cap: Patronising

Here's a very clever cap Argus has made for me.

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Tiresias 14: The Wife

Dr. Göbbels is trying to raise a new nazi army on American soil. The goal is to establish the Fourth Reich.

As an insane but brilliant scientist he has managed to unravel the reality of the universe, recognizing that it is all information, ready to be reprogrammed for his sick needs.

Now he is trying to breed his new master race, changing men into future mothers. Not that he succeeds so well. Nature is not a national socialist and she continues to give him women of all races.

In this episode: Dr. Göbbel's makes himself a wife!

The images are from Sex and Submission.

WARNING: This presentation contains forced sex. Remember: This is a fantasy only!


Mako's YouTube Channel for Transformation Fantasies

I just recently discovered a very professional YouTube channel on transformations which also covers male to female changes.

It is run by Mako or MakoDap, who is one hell of a creative video editor, director and writer.

Mako's Channel contains a lot of what I would call small TV shows on transformation. He hosts many of the video blogs himself.

Here is Mako talking about his favorite transformation fantasy. I guess most of my reader's can relate.

And in this blog post something miraculous happens!

In fact, since this episode many of his vlog posts have been hosted by Makos's female alter ego. She is played by an actress, if I am not mistaken, unless Mako really has found the formula we all are looking for!

Lately, his female self seems to have been taking control:

Then there are clips made on the basis of the work of his own other artists. These are labelled "Marko's Collection".

Here, for instance is video montage of a short comic made by BlackShirtBoy. BlackShirtBoy was inspired by Mako's CG animated short, The Croft Legacy. Music is by Mako's band, Imaginarius.

(It is annoying, I know, he even writes his own music. Show off!!!)

Mako has a separate site where he presents his own movies .

Here is a clip from Last Man Standing, a story about a man that is kidnapped by a mad scientists who tries to bring his wife back to life by changing the main lead into a lookalike.

You can buy DVDs from his site.


It's in the Jeans - another taste

Since I wrote a post about the 1990's porn body swap movie It's in the Jeans, many of you have asked where you can buy it. I am not going to post illegal links here, but it seems the DVD is no longer available.

I have found one link to a pay site (hopefully legal) that will let you watch it. Here's an alternative. Let me know if these are crap.

The movie was made by Scotty Fox and the body swap is between Tracey Adams and Randy Spears, who are playing a couple that get access to a magic monkey's paw.

She makes the wish that makes them switch bodies. This is followed by a lot of sex and a chase after a thief that steals the paw away from them. I am not going to tell you how it ends.

What makes this movie better than some of the other gender change movies I have presented, is that Scotty Fox actually tries to explore the cliches of gender roles, and it quite funny at times. The lead actors also seem to have found the idea of presenting the other sex in their own bodies quite entertaining, and that shows.

I have edited a short clip for you, showing you a few scenes. But do buy the movie. We won't get directors to make more sex change movies, if we don't make it profitable for them!

WARNING! This clip contains scenes of explicit sex and is for adults only!


Black Valkyrie

It had happened a drop over at Phi Nox 5. A routine, operation, really. Some mop up work intended to clean out the last rebels from the Sirius Confedereation. The scans were clean. No blips on the radar.

He had entered a ruin of a house outside the capital. There were nothing but rats and dog-hybrids around, as far as he could see.

But then, suddenly, there she was, the Valkyrie: Black, beautiful and with eyes full of hatred of the Terran Alliance. She was clearly one of those that had seen her sister been captured and brought to Earth and sold as slaves.

He tried to react. But he was to slow. Her reality dysfunction gun was already pointing at him, and the wave hit him in the chest like a fist.

He went down screaming in agony as his body twisted, spasmed and changed.

They dragged him over their drop ship. He knew he should have resisted them, but he was in shock, watching the bumps on his chest, feeling the long hair brushing his cheek, while realizing that his mind was changing too.

He had heard the stories. They loved to change their prisoners into the cliché of the blond bimbo. That was their way of humiliating them.

They kept their prisoners for a few weeks, urging them to give in to their new desires willingly, letting them know that they no longer were in control of their urges, waiting for them to beg to be fucked. And then they shipped them back to Earth, where they would meet their superiors and their families.

They were no longer suited for soldiering and incapable of any intellectually demanding kind of work.

They connected him to the conditioning bench and gave him the two vibrating phallic tubes. Their buzz filled his head with promiscuous promises of pleasure. He resisted. He resisted. He resisted. He re...sis... He started to suck on the warm metal.

The shape triggered instincts deeply buried inside his feminine soul. His wet snatch called for the other rod, and as he pushed it inside it was as if a string snapped inside him. The blonde girl started to giggle.

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This one is for New-Daughter