"I cannot believe this! You used the spell books to turn Eli into a girl?"

"Yes, for seven years he bullied me at school. Now I am going to bully him for the next seven."

"But why a girl?"

"He always used to call me a sissy, a girlie and a bitch!"

"Ah, bitch...Well, that explains the dog collar."

"Yes. Ellie sleeps on the floor now and fights Pluto for scraps."

"That's poetic justice, I guess. What about the penis gag?"

"For training. I mean, I could have let him stay in his own body and used the spell book to force him to obey. But I am lonely. I need someone to take care of me, and that gag is for training purposes."

"I see. Hm. Do you mind if we share?"

"Not at all! Ellie will need all the nourishment she can get."

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  1. Anonymous7/27/2011

    Excellent work. Hoping to see more on the doggie theme.


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