Mako's YouTube Channel for Transformation Fantasies

I just recently discovered a very professional YouTube channel on transformations which also covers male to female changes.

It is run by Mako or MakoDap, who is one hell of a creative video editor, director and writer.

Mako's Channel contains a lot of what I would call small TV shows on transformation. He hosts many of the video blogs himself.

Here is Mako talking about his favorite transformation fantasy. I guess most of my reader's can relate.

And in this blog post something miraculous happens!

In fact, since this episode many of his vlog posts have been hosted by Makos's female alter ego. She is played by an actress, if I am not mistaken, unless Mako really has found the formula we all are looking for!

Lately, his female self seems to have been taking control:

Then there are clips made on the basis of the work of his own other artists. These are labelled "Marko's Collection".

Here, for instance is video montage of a short comic made by BlackShirtBoy. BlackShirtBoy was inspired by Mako's CG animated short, The Croft Legacy. Music is by Mako's band, Imaginarius.

(It is annoying, I know, he even writes his own music. Show off!!!)

Mako has a separate site where he presents his own movies .

Here is a clip from Last Man Standing, a story about a man that is kidnapped by a mad scientists who tries to bring his wife back to life by changing the main lead into a lookalike.

You can buy DVDs from his site.

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