It's in the Jeans - another taste

Since I wrote a post about the 1990's porn body swap movie It's in the Jeans, many of you have asked where you can buy it. I am not going to post illegal links here, but it seems the DVD is no longer available.

I have found one link to a pay site (hopefully legal) that will let you watch it. Here's an alternative. Let me know if these are crap.

The movie was made by Scotty Fox and the body swap is between Tracey Adams and Randy Spears, who are playing a couple that get access to a magic monkey's paw.

She makes the wish that makes them switch bodies. This is followed by a lot of sex and a chase after a thief that steals the paw away from them. I am not going to tell you how it ends.

What makes this movie better than some of the other gender change movies I have presented, is that Scotty Fox actually tries to explore the cliches of gender roles, and it quite funny at times. The lead actors also seem to have found the idea of presenting the other sex in their own bodies quite entertaining, and that shows.

I have edited a short clip for you, showing you a few scenes. But do buy the movie. We won't get directors to make more sex change movies, if we don't make it profitable for them!

WARNING! This clip contains scenes of explicit sex and is for adults only!


  1. awwwww seems the bj sceens were edited out lol but still a great find :)

  2. I would not dream of republishing a complete movie. This is just a short extract giving you a better idea about what the movie is about, I hope that if people buy these movies the companies will make more of them.

  3. The female actress was really bad but the male actor had me totally believing it - he did a good job of basically acting just like she had been acting prior to the switch.

  4. Anonymous7/09/2011

    Thanks, Rebecca! I've been trying to find clips of this movie for months,(my domestic situation precludes me from outright acquisition of such fare. In younger years I often imagined having Tracey's luscious body while watching scenes.
    Another scene you and yours might like is from a movie called 'Lez Vampyres 2; The Resurrection'. The MtoF morph can be found here:
    I have been a 'lurking' fan or your, (and other's), sites for a few years, and am slowly starting to do some Caps/Comix of my own.
    Yours, semidysphorically;

  5. Lez Vampyres 2 is on my list, and I hope to have a somewhat longer edit ready for you in time!

    If you do make caps, do publish them! Upload them to Rachel's Haven, send them to me, or --even better -- make your own blog!

  6. Anonymous7/13/2011

    Thank you for your encouragement and efforts as the premier TG Blogger, and fore-runner of the plethora of captioning 'flavors' now available in the bloggerspere.
    I'm just composing my first caption series at present, (I prefer a multi-panel story to single shots. The work of 'Argus/Evie Hyde' @ Y!groups, and of course your own slide-shows, have ever been fav's.), and I would truly appreciate your critique of my attempts, and would be utterly flattered, even flabbergasted, should you decide to publish.
    I have not joined Rachel's Haven for a lack of material to present for consideration, though I recognize that the Haven seems to have fostered the proliferation of TG Blogs now accessible. As for starting my own, I would need to compose several works in advance, toward being able to update it frequently. My available private time is rather limited at present, and such efforts, sadly, would not be well received should they become known.(I've not even had opportunity to 'alternatively attire' myself in ages.)
    Humbly yours; 'w8z2x4m'

  7. Send them to me! rebecca.molay@gmail.com


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