Oh Carl, the results are so much better than I had anticipated! Those nanosurgeons are really good aren't they?

Did it hurt a lot? The change I mean? No? They say it is the restructuring of the bones that takes most time and which brings most pain, but you seem to have coped well.

Ah, think about it. Two months ago you were the CEO of my company. My trusted partner. And look at you now: A sweet little sexy girlie, with long blonde curls and soft tits.

Sit in my lap, will you? Ah, that's good. There isn't much resistance in you, is there?

They promised me as much, but I must say I would have expected some protests, for instance when I pinch your left nipple like this... Hm, was that a moan? Yes, it was! And you really pressing your sweet little tush down against my hardening cock... You are, aren't you?

God, you are hot!

This is great. Who would have believed. You should never have crossed me, you know. But Anna warned me. "Carl is trying to dilute your stock," she said. "You have to watch out!"

I did, and now I am the boss of the company.

Yeah, that's good, Pull out my cock will you, and put it in your mouth! Remember what Anna did to you when you were her boss. That's good. Careful with those teeth, now, Candy!

I heard you went out shopping today, together with Anna. You liked that, didn't you. Found yourself some nice dresses and some expensive shoes, I hear. You even begged her for a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Hmmm, you are dripping wet! Talking about dressing up like a sexy woman turns you on, does it not? And that sweet perfume fits your sweet innocent little face perfectly.

Now, bend over, will you? I think it is time to take your newfound virginity. Spread your legs for me!

Can you feel that? That is my cock touching your pussy lips, and this is me filling you up with. Harder? You are begging me to fuck you harder? I can do that!

Oh Candy, Candy, I am so looking forward to sharing you with the board!

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This one is for Realfield.

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