Platinum Card

Model: Angie Savage from Sextronix 18 Passport

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The courtesan laughed at him as she cast the body swap spell: «If you think the life of an escort is so easy, why don’t you take over for a while. In the meantime I’ll play with your platinum card.»

At first Dan had waited for her to come back. He no longer does. He is earning more cash now than ever before. And - who would have guessed? - he finds many of his customers quite attractive.



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«Who’s that girl over there? I haven’t seen her before?»

«Haven’t you heard? That is Jason, my husband.»

«Noooo, that can’t be! He didn’t...?»

«He was out in the garden, planting a tree, when he suddenly found one of them trans thingies...»

«He found a transartefact? He touched it? But hasn’t he watched TV? Hasn’t he heard the warnings?»

«I guess. But somehow he touched it and now he is trapped in the body of a teenage girl.»

«He was working in the garden, you say. I seem to remember that he always wear gloves.»

«I hadn’t thought of that. Do you think...?»

«Naaah, that can’t be!!!»

«Can it?»




Model: Adriana, Site: Sextronix 18 Passport

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«I want the best sex ever,» Hans had told the genie. «Are you sure abot that?» the genie had asked. «Absolutely! 100 percent!» Hans had agreed. Now he found himself on all four, being rammed by his good old friend James. But the genie had not lied. It was the best sex ever.



Two Witches

Here's a short slide show for you about a man bewitched by two sexy witches.They live on the masculine energy of men!The models are Tina and Angel Summers from the European site Explicit√© Arte. If you are looking for something completely different, that is the place to go.RebeccaYou can download the PDF here (or here).


Creating Candy

"I told you this would be fun, didn't I?" Siri purred in his ear. "I told you that having silky skin, soft curvy tits and long beautiful hair would be a great turn on!"

Carl moaned in in pleasure as he felt Siri's cock stiffen against his increasingly curvy butt.

"Hmmm," he said. "Please, touch my nipples, please....They itch!"

Siri laughed and gave his erect nipple a pinch. He moaned. It had grown during the last year, and his areolae had become puffy.

Siri had taunted him even before she herself had gotten her sexy female body. As Sam, she had argued that the life of a woman had to be so much better. They were able to dress up fine, get sex when they wanted, having multiple orgasms and so on and so forth.

When he saw the effects the hormones had on her Carl had started to wonder, and when she slipped him a few tablets he hadn't protested. And the feeling of his tingling nipples had turned him on, so he did not protest much when she suggested electrolysis, make up and those amazingly sexy dresses. He always believed he had not reached the point of no return.

He stilled believed so, even when he sucked Siri's cock, savoring its musky scent, and even when he welcomed that big thing inside his anus, enjoying the feeling of fulfillment immensely.

Siri looked at Carl's huge tits and laughed. This was the end of the road for him, that was for sure. She had booked him in at a hospital in Thailand next week, and she new he would not argue against a holiday with the ladyboys. Oh no! And Siri would be able to collect her reward from Carl's revengeful and disappointed father: 100,000 dollars!

Gender benders were so easy to fool. Life was good.

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This one is for Candy!


Guest cap: Tale of Tomorrow

Bren has made me another beautiful cap featuring my avatar.

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The Next Phase

Model: Ashleyr. Source: Sextronix Dungeon Masters

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«His genitalia has now reach the clitorial phase,» the nurse reported. «Do you want me to turn up the vibration?»

«Yes, please do,» the Professor replied. «We need to establish an orgastic capacity right away. The conditioning requires it. And do give him another doze of expressive growth hormones, please. His wife asked for a G cup, I believe.»

«A double dose of growth hormones coming up!» the nurse replied, bringing another syringe.


Monster Tit Sex Zombies - a transgender overdose

I have another film with a transgender motive for you today. It is directed by Mark Stone.

The title says it all: Monster Tit Sex Zombies.

It is probably the sillies movie with a gender change theme I have ever seen, but then again it does not really expect you to take it seriously.

This time we are in a lab, and the mad scientist has concocted an elixir that can morph reality. And to prove this he takes a double dose, which leads to him growing tits of a mind boggling size.

What can I say?

The short edit below is made by one of the enthusiasts over at Fictionmania IRC.

WARNING! The following clip contains a scene with explicit sex. This is strictly for adults only!