Here's one I made for Freya's site.

No! The blindfold stays!

I am not going to let you see what I have done to you before you have sensed it, felt it, smelled it!
I have changed you, Ed, changed you in a way you can hardly imagine.

And I used the Spell Books you threw aside at the market.

They called to me, Ed. The books called me to them and compelled me to buy them. And they feel you betrayed them, as you were not accepting them as your own.

Can you feel how small you have become? Touch your skin! Can you feel how soft it is? Yes, those two soft mounds of flesh on your chest are tits. Beautiful tits of perfection. Just the way I like them.

Focus on your back, Ed. Can you feel the silky hair covering your shoulders? It is raven black. Hmm, it is the kind of hair any man would like to bury his face in, or have it caressing his face while you are riding him.

Now, come here! Kneel in front of me! Can you smell that? That is my cock. I have made it a little bit bigger for your benefit. I am not the skinny little guy you used to know. Oh no, the spell books have indeed blessed me.

I want to put it in your mouth, baby. There is no point in resisting me. The spells compel you!

Ah yes, that is sooo good. Can't you feel yourself responding? Can you feel how differently everything tastes with your sexy tongue and soft lips?

Now turn around baby! That's right.

Can you feel my dick touching your butt? All right!

It is time for you to experience a totally new sensation. You have tight little cunt, my dear, with moist pussy lips that will betray you. Can you feel it slide in? Slowly. Inch by inch.

Can you feel your pussy muscles tighten their grip, holding my cock back, milking it. Can you feel my cock massaging that soft little G spot of yours?

Just let it out! It is all right to cry out. I almost envy you, having a long intense series of orgasms like that.

The spell books have bound you to me now. I can untie you. You will never leave me.

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Guest Cap: Mother's Memories

Here is another great cap from Bren. Original storyline. Original twist.


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Guest Cap: The Wristband

Courtney makes some of the best TG captions over at Rachel Haven. Here's a series I have turned into a slideshow.


Wedding Vibe

Damn! Damn! Damn! Ellen was still not back. God, he was stupid, giving in to her like that.

"Dear Aaron, I need you to step in for me during the wedding!" She was the bride, damn it!

And then: "I have something I need to do before I get married, and I need your body to do it."

I wasn't surprised. She was an autodidact witch, and as her little brother I had definitely suffered for it. Once, when she was ten, she turned my childhood sweetheart into a bunny. It was always like that.

I loved her, so of course I gave in in return for a promise. I would get my body back before the wedding reception was over.

She didn't. And she didn't answer her phone. I had I-doed, I had kissed the bridegroom, I had danced with him and even held a speech for him ("Tim, you mean more to me than the sun and the moon..." Good grief!)

And here we was, in the bridal suite of the Grand Hotel.

I played my role as the seductive wife perfectly.

I had an idea. It was a great idea, I would say. I would tie him down, and I wouldn't let him loose. Sis could do that, when I got my body back.

He would believe it was some kind of kinky sex and I would pretend I was so drunk that I had passed out in the bath room.

No, in the lobby! I would pass out in the lobby! I could get a drink there. Lots of drinks.

It was then I got the text. I knew it was from Sis. The ring tone had Ozzy singing.

"Sorry, bro," the text read. "Left country. Give love to Tim. He boring, but nice cock."

That was so typical of Sis. Leaving others to sort out her problems.

Once I had had to rid our school of 10 000 locusts. The headmaster had pissed her off, and she was going through the 10 Plagues of the Pharaoh.

I looked over at Tim who smiled sheepishly to me. He was boring. But he did have a nice cock. And his family was filthy rich. The divorce would bring in millions, and I could finally buy that yacht I had always dreamed of.

I looked down at my tits and sighed. Pretty small as tits go, but the nipples seemed to like the idea of me riding Tim's cock.

"Here i come Tim!" I whispered. "Don't go anywhere!"

This one is dedicated to Sissytif

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The pix are taken from Secretary Pantyhose, a part of the Ferro package of sites.


Babylon Academy Episode 5: Psychotherapy

Jerry tried to escape from Babylon Academy when he realized they might change him into a girl as his punishment for starting a food war in the school canteen.

The Daughters of Ereshkigal sent one of their agents to find him, and now he is back at the Academy, as a voluptuous girl.

In this episode the witches sends Jerry to the college psychiatrist who is supposed to help him adapt to his new life. In a way she does.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.

Click here to read the previous episodes in the Babylon Academy series!

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Guest Cap: Virgin Moment

Bren has made another TG master piece for me.

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The New Life of Brian

- OK, Mrs. Edson, are you ready? I must warn you, some of our clients find it hard to take in what they see behind the one way mirror.

- Well, doctor, I have paid for this for a reason. Now I want to see the results!

- OK, as you wish! Raymond, would you withdraw the curtains please? Again, Mrs. Edson, this is a one way mirror. You can see your husband, but he cannot see you.

- What a nice girl! Sweet! But where is Brian?

- That is your Brian! You asked us to feminize him, and so we have.

- But that is a beautiful girl! I mean, look at those big, round, perfect tits!

- We take pride in our work, Mrs. Edson. We develop our own cocktails of female hormones and we use the same surgeons as the Hollywood movie stars.

- I can see the resemblance now. But his face is so feminine, his lips so sexy!

- Definitely! We can do miracles with electrolysis, hormones, facial surgery.

- You have outdone yourself, doctor! I expected him to look like a man in drag, you know, but he is absolutely stunning. And his mannerisms! He is moving like a woman, as well.

- We use a combination of subliminal hypnosis and traditional courses.

- Did he put up a fight?

- They always do. First they demand to see their lawyer or the police, and then, when they start to see the changes, they often refuse to eat. They fear that there are hormones in their food. We gave Brian here a specially tailored mix of drugs and hypnosis. That, and the fear of further electroshocks, turned him around.

- Can I see him suck cock? That was the whole point, doctor. I want that cheating bastard to suck cock! I want my revenge!

- All right! Raymond, do you mind going into the next room and help Brian adapt to his new femininity?

- Raymond may not look like it, Mrs. Edson, but he is a certified sexologist. Best in his class. All right... Brian has been through our fellatio conditioning program. By exposing him for suggestive videos and requiring him to suck on various dildos in steadily increasing sizes, we have given him a subconscious urge to touch and suck dick.

- He seems to like it!

- Yes, it gives him a lot of pleasure.

- But I wanted to humiliate him!

- Really? That was not part of your order, as far as I can see. No, the contract says nothing about humiliation, although I can assure you that he has felt much humiliated throughout this process.

- Damn it! It looks like he is close to an orgasm!

- Yes, his orgiastic potential has increased exponentially.

- But I want to see him suffer. Ask that bloke of yours to fuck him!

- Are you sure? That is 10,000 extra...

- I don't care! Do it!

- Roger! Roger! We need some anal penetration, please!

- Look at that bitch! Look at that way he is pressing his perfect butt up against his crotch.

- You did ask for Class A feminization. A longing for penetration is part of that package. He has been wearing vibrating butt plugs for quite a while now.

- I can hear him moaning all the way out here. He is closing his eyes. That's what he does when he comes....

- Yes, he can experience multiple orgasms now.

- But he still has his dick!

- Yes, do you want us to remove it?

- I am not sure... No, I don't think so. No, I will take him back home. I think I have punished him enough now. He is so sexy! What shall I call him now?

- We call him Connie, but you do as you please, of course.

- OK, tonight I am going to take Connie to bed and make love to her all through the night.

- Very well, ma'am!

This one is for Connie!

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Images of Karen Kristina from Shemales Get Fucked!


Guest Cap: I have to talk!

Here's a guest cap from Jennifer. I love the way she is telling the story from his (my) point of view! Subtle!

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Fictionmania is down again

The very popular TG fiction site Fictionmania is down again, and this time it is the web host that is the culprit.

There has been a very intense discussion going on at both Fictionmania and Crystal's Story Site regarding censorship and the inclusion of stories with child sex, but it is unclear whether this has anything to do with the fact that Fictionmania has been taken offline.

Minicap: The Wild Side 22

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Guest Cap: No translation

Here's a crossgender fantasy written and designed by realfield.

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Transporter error

There were stories, of course, about people having entered the code for one tranporter station, ending up at another.

Only one such story had been confirmed. James Hoover became famous for entering the code for the Empire State Building, finding himself in the Moscow underground when he stepped out of the transporter box.

That had been due to a computer glitch, a spokeswoman for Google Transport had told the press.

Under no point had Mr. Hoover been in any danger, she had said. His molecules had been reassembled exactly according to the scan made at the Empire State Building and he was only one jump away from his planned destination: the red light district of Bangkok.

Google had spent millions of UN dollars to fight the urban legends about people finding their body matrix being mixed with others. This had become a popular plot in 3D spectaculars like "The Fly 7", "The Fly 8", "Return to Prison Break" and "Paranoia".

Brian had always been a trusting man, and having traveled back and forth between his home in Dallas and his workplace in Bangalore five days a week for three years, he no longer hesitated when stepping up on the transporter platform. But he always closed his eyes before hitting Enter. It was a reflex, probably.

This day, after the familiar tingling sensation that followed the jump, he hesitated before opening his eyes. Something was different. He could not smell the spicy scents of Bangalore, and his body felt different. He drew his breath and felt his lungs lifting something that felt like pillows on his chest.

He opened his eyes and looked around. This was not Indian Jump Point No. 567, that was for sure. He was looking into a private flat, and only the richest of the richest had their own transporter. At the other end of the room he could see a huge canvas depicting Brenda Ballubah, the hot and sexy holoqueen, star of erotic 3D flicks like "Inside Mrs. Robinson" and "The Rocket of Rocket Man".

He looked down, and gasped. His eyes followed the curves of a goddess. In panic he grasped his crotch. His dick was gone! He was in the body of Brenda.

He looked down at his wrist, planning to dial 911 to alert the policy, but his Nokia was missing. He then heard a pleasant male voice in his head: "Mrs. Ballubah, do you want to call someone?" Mrs. Ballubah could, of course, afford an AI implant.

"Yes," he said, "call the police! No! Delay that, call Google Transport! No, wait...."

The AI waited. Brian looked down at his body again. Google Transport would probably not be happy if he told them about this. There would be a global breakdown in communications. Maybe people would be forced to use air planes again. Think about the pollution!

He let his hand slide over his tit and felt his nipple harden. Maybe he should make this sacrifice. He looked at all the expensive furniture. He was rich! And the real Mrs. Ballubah? She was probably in Bangalore right now, and who would believe her?

Brian stepped out of the transporter and into his new life.

Images of Darenzia from XXX Space Girls.

This one is for Brenda!

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Be gentle!

Oh God, I am so small! I didn’t realize that my body would be so small and vulnerable. And it is so soft. Look at my tits! Aren’t they beautiful?

I can see why you like this look so much. She is so sweet. I am so sweet! I feel so weird. I feel like kissing you! Do you mind, us being friends and I being a girl and all?

Mmmmm. I could feel that throughout my whole body you know? Look, my nipples are growing! Isn’t it great? Touch me again, will you? Yeah, right there. Please kiss my breasts! Yeah. Mmmm. Woow, I am getting moist. Down there, you know. Let me take your hand. Can you feel it? Oh, yeah, a little bit slower. Yeah, that’s right. Right there.

You want me to spread my legs? I am getting scared now. My God, you are so big! I didn’t know you were so big! I can’t possibly... Aaah, I guess I can, just a little bit. Ohhhh, that’s so strange! I can feel you inside me.

Well, don’t just stop there! Move, damn it! Fuck me, Phil, fuck me harder! Fill me up. Fuck me! Oh God, it is soooo good. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming! I doesn’t stop. Wooooaaaaaaaw! God! No, stay inside me. Stay inside me and hold me! Do you mind if I stay like this for a while? Just to please you, you know?

Images by Reality Kings.

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Teenage Miracle

James and Jenny get a visit from Fiona the Fairy, and amazing things happen.

This is a tale of love, hidden dreams, parallel worlds and one amazing miracle.

For that large screen experience, click on Full, or -- even better -- download the PDF file for free!

The models are Tanner Mays and Madison Parker, and the images are fetched from Pure 18, part of the Reality Kings package. I get a lot of my images from them.


Guest Cap: Hand Stamp

Read all of this TG cap done by Jay Seaver. It has one hell of a punch line!

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