Be gentle!

Oh God, I am so small! I didn’t realize that my body would be so small and vulnerable. And it is so soft. Look at my tits! Aren’t they beautiful?

I can see why you like this look so much. She is so sweet. I am so sweet! I feel so weird. I feel like kissing you! Do you mind, us being friends and I being a girl and all?

Mmmmm. I could feel that throughout my whole body you know? Look, my nipples are growing! Isn’t it great? Touch me again, will you? Yeah, right there. Please kiss my breasts! Yeah. Mmmm. Woow, I am getting moist. Down there, you know. Let me take your hand. Can you feel it? Oh, yeah, a little bit slower. Yeah, that’s right. Right there.

You want me to spread my legs? I am getting scared now. My God, you are so big! I didn’t know you were so big! I can’t possibly... Aaah, I guess I can, just a little bit. Ohhhh, that’s so strange! I can feel you inside me.

Well, don’t just stop there! Move, damn it! Fuck me, Phil, fuck me harder! Fill me up. Fuck me! Oh God, it is soooo good. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming! I doesn’t stop. Wooooaaaaaaaw! God! No, stay inside me. Stay inside me and hold me! Do you mind if I stay like this for a while? Just to please you, you know?

Images by Reality Kings.

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