Here's one I made for Freya's site.

No! The blindfold stays!

I am not going to let you see what I have done to you before you have sensed it, felt it, smelled it!
I have changed you, Ed, changed you in a way you can hardly imagine.

And I used the Spell Books you threw aside at the market.

They called to me, Ed. The books called me to them and compelled me to buy them. And they feel you betrayed them, as you were not accepting them as your own.

Can you feel how small you have become? Touch your skin! Can you feel how soft it is? Yes, those two soft mounds of flesh on your chest are tits. Beautiful tits of perfection. Just the way I like them.

Focus on your back, Ed. Can you feel the silky hair covering your shoulders? It is raven black. Hmm, it is the kind of hair any man would like to bury his face in, or have it caressing his face while you are riding him.

Now, come here! Kneel in front of me! Can you smell that? That is my cock. I have made it a little bit bigger for your benefit. I am not the skinny little guy you used to know. Oh no, the spell books have indeed blessed me.

I want to put it in your mouth, baby. There is no point in resisting me. The spells compel you!

Ah yes, that is sooo good. Can't you feel yourself responding? Can you feel how differently everything tastes with your sexy tongue and soft lips?

Now turn around baby! That's right.

Can you feel my dick touching your butt? All right!

It is time for you to experience a totally new sensation. You have tight little cunt, my dear, with moist pussy lips that will betray you. Can you feel it slide in? Slowly. Inch by inch.

Can you feel your pussy muscles tighten their grip, holding my cock back, milking it. Can you feel my cock massaging that soft little G spot of yours?

Just let it out! It is all right to cry out. I almost envy you, having a long intense series of orgasms like that.

The spell books have bound you to me now. I can untie you. You will never leave me.

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  1. Anonymous2/27/2010

    Links to enlarged images aren't working. Can you fix, please? Thank you.

  2. Anonymous2/27/2010

    Thank you for fixing the image links. Gorgeous work.


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