The T-Camp 1: Punishment

Welcome to the T-Camp, a secret facility deep into the Amazonian jungle.

This is a place that produces one rare commodity for connoisseurs from all over the world: beautiful, sexy T-girls.

There is one catch. The girls that are trained here never volunteered for the mission, and the camp management is using creative educational methods that would not pass muster in a court of law. Which is of course why the camp is hidden away.

This presentation is labelled TG Extreme, as it contains strong BDSM scenes. If this is not for you, do not read it!

The main images are from Shemalesgetfucked.com.


  1. My panties are so wet.

    This took me to a wonderful place, I'd love to leave the stupid workaday world and turned into a slut like them.

    Kisses, Michelle

  2. Anonymous3/01/2010

    I love this type of tg caps. More of this? pleasee

  3. Yes, this was really an excellent one. Thanks for your time and effort!


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