Strange swellings

"Maaam! Can you come here for a moment?"

"Sure Miki, what is it?"

"The swellings on my chest just keep getting bigger. Do you think I should go back to doctor Michelsen?"

"Let me see, babe. Hmm. No, I don't think that will be necessary. It seem to me that the pills he is giving you are working the way they should."

"But they are getting heavy, mum, and my nipples are sore in a strange kind of way."

"It is not unpleasant, is it?"

"No mum, it feels kind of good actually. But it is not supposed to do that, is it?"

"Aaah, don't worry about it. If it feels good, it feels good. You remember what Doctor Michelsen said: You should massage your swellings two times daily. You do that, don't you?"

"But it isn't helping!!!"

"Patience, my dear, patience. Your body needs time to heal itself that is all. Now, let me look at you. Hmm, we have to get you a new negligee, though. The one you are wearing now doesn't fit over your chest, dear.

"I think we will have to buy you a new bra, as well. You need a D cup now. Why don't we buy a DD as well, while we are at it. You know, just in case it takes some time for the swellings to subside.

"Would you like to go shopping with your mother, Miki? Yeah, I thought so..."


  1. Very nice! I love the concept :-)

  2. Yeah, love the unknowingly feminized caps. Great pic also, as always.

  3. Anonymous3/27/2010

    I really love this cap... do you know who the model is?


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