The Captive

Well, Dylan, that wasn't so bad now, what is? Hard to understand what all the fuzz was about now, isn't it?

You see, being a girl is actually pretty good. Just ask Irene, the beautiful girl you are holding on to right now. She loves being a girl, and has done so for over a year now. Right, Irene?

Irene has told me that she will take good care of you, Dylan, and teach you all the girly stuff.

You know, how to dress, how to put on your make-up, how to brush your hair. You want to look good now, don't you? Irene has bought you some really sexy silk stockings you will just love.

Yeah, I know, I am babbling. You see I always get this excited when I watch a transformation.

It is something about watching a huge man shrink down to a sexy, young, teenage girl, and see those soft tits expand on his chest, and that look of panic in his eyes when his thin feminine fingers find nothing but a slit between his legs.

Ah well, I can see that you need some time to digest it all. Why don't the two of you do some therapeutic girl talk while I am out shopping. When I can come back, you and I will have some quality time together. Right, Dalene?

This one is for Dylan over at Rachel's.

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