Don't blame me, Tina

Here's a cap I made for Tina's site.

Don't look at me! I can't help you. After all it was you who wanted to go "somewhere naughty". 

You wanted us to experience our "hidden depths", I believe you said. 

When a man says something like that to his girlfriend, he normally wants to dress up in kinky costumes, engage in bondage, be fucked like a woman or go to a whorehouse.

Well, this is the only place I know of that can give you all of the above.

You see, in one way this is the place I was born as a woman, some five years ago. 

I used to be a man as well, and didn't get my present curvy shape before my girlfriend brought me here to let me explore my hidden depths, or new depths rather as they gave me the tight and moist little cunt you have enjoyed so much.

I was one of the girls in this establishment for four years, and Tony here didn't let me go before I promised to get him a replacement.

That's you, Tina.

Enjoy your new life, dear!

Images of Madison Parker from House of Taboo.

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  1. This is one of my favorites of yours, very sexy.


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