Transylvania 6

Ramon had warned him, of course. He always warned him about something or the other.

Hadn't it been for the fact that he was a major in the Transplanetary Marines, Andy who have reckoned him for some kind of timid sissy.

In battle he was far from a sissy, that's for sure.

"Tansylvania 6 is a virgin planet, Andrew! I should not have to remind you of that. Out xenobiologists have barely started to scratch the surface of its vast rain forests. There is probably more biodiversity here on this little island than in all of Terra's history!"

Andy had said that he should be careful, as the nice little soldier he was. Ramon snorted, but let him go.

It was a plant that got him.

It had a huge pink flower that smelled so damned deliciously that he had to get closer, and that ripe dark pink fruit just begged to be eaten.

His nutritionscope told him it was edible. No strange viruses or poisons. But what did the meter know?

He took one juice bite and marveled at its close to orgasmic taste. He became dizzy in a good kind of way and sat down by a big mossy stone. He fell asleep.

Small green shoots started to climb up his body and slowly surround him with leaves and a spider web like tissue. The combination of leaves and web slowly changed into a cocoon. Inside that cocoon Andy's body started to change, being nourished by the plant that surrounded him.

He stayed in that cocoon for three weeks, and it wasn't until his fellow marines stopped looking for him that he awake.

Confused and a little scared he tried to get out of his confinement, and after some struggling he managed to get out of the cocoon like a chick gets out of its egg.

He had become much smaller, small as a girl. Two soft mounds on his chest made him realize that he had become a girl. He grabbed his tits and looked up into the jungle canopy in amazement. What kind of place was this? What kind of plant could change a man into a woman?

The plant that would later be known as Andia Transforma, was in fact a plant that changed any organism into its purpose.

Andy had been caught by a female plant. Now one of the nearby male plants lowered down a phallus creeper, and Andy's recombined DNA had given him strong new instincts.

He grasped the creeper and pushed its hard end into his moist pussy. He soon had his first orgasm as a girl, feeling the plant fill him with pollen.

He finally came to his senses and wandered back to camp.

Half a Terran year later a Marine scout ship landed on Transylvania 6. They found the marine camp abandoned. The 67 men had all disappeared.

But a one day's walk into the jungle they came upon a small village populated by humanoid girls. Beautiful girls who welcomed them into their huts and who were willing to do anything for them.

You could hear the high pitched moans of Ramona as a big black marine pounded her from behind.

Andy, now Jessica, smiled mysteriously and seductively, spread her legs and welcomed a sweet Asian sergeant between her thighs, infecting him in the process.

As soon as all the men was encapsulated in their cocoons, the girl's took over their ship and headed back for Earth.

This one is dedicated to BimboJessica.

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More pictures of Louisa Lanewood over at Galactic Girls.


  1. Anonymous3/04/2010

    That was one of the hottest caps ever! I would love to see more of this story line. (if the pics are there for it, or course)

  2. Very Good Karma3/10/2010

    I totally underestimated this one because of the title. I saw "Transylvania" and thought, "Oh, another dumb vampire thing." I'm glad I got bored enough to actually read it! Vampires are undead and life-draining, which is not really a theme I want mixed in with my TG. But a plant is just the opposite, a living symbol of lush fecundity. Transformative plants are a fairly rare theme but they tend to be a treat when they crop up! Thank you very much for this wonderful caption.

    Almost totally unrelated question- do you know anyone who has done TG captions with a futanari theme? Sort of like your outstanding "The amazing story about Karyna and the magical strap-on" but with an actual penis instead of a strap-on? MtF TG mixed with futanarization is something I've been craving lately, but it's hard to find, which is odd in my opinion since it seems like they ought to go together pretty well. Even the dedicated futanari fans seem to have remarkably little interest in even solely futanari transformations.

    I would normally look for something like this among drawings or written fiction rather than captioned photos, since the futanari photomanips I've seen in the past were pretty awful, but I just found a subforum on Futanari Palace where genuinely talented people are making some images that are actually pleasant to look at:

    Sinner's Situations
    Rodstone's Stuff
    Seavilla's Manipulations

    But as you can see if you follow those links, nobody is doing captions! If you do know anybody that is doing TG TF captions with futanari, or even just futanari TF captions, could you please post a link?

  3. "Do you know anyone who has done TG captions with a futanari theme?"

    No, I can't say I do. There are transsexual caps around (including on this site) and given the beauty of some of those girls, I guess they come close to what you are looking for. But I realize that a M2F transsexual is not the same as a futanari.

    I'll definitely take a look at the Futanari Palace!

  4. Very Good Karma3/17/2010

    I still haven't found any MtF TG photo captions that include futanari, but I have found one futanari photomanipulation artist who is trying to add captions, or at least tell stories through pictures in one way or another, and what's more he's doing it through blogger and including lots of guest artists:

    Mel Donner Futarization Creations

    It's pretty light on the transformation, though. I may have to try my hand at making some futa transformation captions myself.


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