Babylon Academy Episode 6: Trapped

Jerry has reached the last day of his penalty and he has still not had sex with a man, the only thing that will keep him stuck as a woman forever.

Today is the day the Daughters of Ereshkigal will have to keep their promise and change him back to a man.

But much can happen in 24 hours, as Jerry is about to find out.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.

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  1. her expressions are fabulous!

    Btw, some of the slides could not be displayed.

  2. Anonymous3/16/2010

    Fantastic! I hope to see many more chapters!!

  3. Anonymous3/17/2010

    Hi, I love the series a lot and can't wait to see more, but didn't like this

    cap so much.

    For someone who held out for 8 weeks and was so against, I think he gave in

    far far too easily and it was not well explained. "oh, alright then" isn't

    really sufficient.

    I also thought it was a bit short and there wasn't much variation..

    My 2c

    I'm by no means a hater and love the series, but that's what sprung to mind.

    If possible, I would love to see some interracial transformations, like a

    racist guy getting turned asian or something.

    Or what about age regression in a sense....a guy is considered too bad a

    person and sentenced to chilldhood as a girl to learn better this time?



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