College Girl

He had looked a bit too closely at her cleavage. He admitted as much. But people don't understand how hard it is for a man to lecture at a college.

All those beautiful girls, in all shapes and sizes. All right! He had pinched her delicious bottom. But just one small touch. Or maybe two.

And he had called her a sexy airhead, but he meant that in a good way. She was extremely sexy, and although her B's didn't actually make her qualify as an airhead...

Ah, who was he kidding! He had never considered women Nobel Prize material! Thinking was men's work. Girls were to look pretty, serve their men and carry children.

That's what his old man had told him, and that was what the good book said, right? When she started yelling at him, he told her as much.

That night her fraternity sisters from Tau Tau XX surrounded his house and started chanting. He could feel his body changing in bed. His body was shrinking, getting new and unwanted curves.

His dark blond hair grew lighter and much longer. Two small mounds of female flesh appeared on his chest.

"Well," his wife said, no longer her submissive self. "It seems I have lost a husband and gained a daughter as well as full control of my life. It is back to school for you, girl!"

Come to think of it, she had been a XX sister too, hadn't she?

It wasn't too bad, being a college school girl. He liked the uniform, the panties and the sexy stockings. But he found it so hard to keep up with the home work. He had been a straight A's kind of guy, damn it! Now he found it hard to get an E.

The numbers just floated around in his pretty little head and made no sense at all. And what was that deal about the Boston Tea Party, anyway. Couldn't they just drink a cup or two and get over it?

His wife had decided he needed help and asked one of the young male teachers to help her "little girl".

Her little girl soon found out that the only way she would ever get A's would be by pleasing her male teacher's in ways even her old horny self could imagine.

She was doing well now, with A's in all subjects except English Litt. Ms. Smith actually expected her to study!

This one is for Jessica Frankie

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  1. Anonymous3/08/2010

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  2. Gorgeous girl, great story.

  3. oh my...just wonderful like all your work Rebecca! wonderful choice of images for the story...!


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