Princess Cindyrella

You don't say no to the Queen. Not if you are British nobility. It just isn't done.

Charles hadn't much to lose anyway, not since his father married that horrible woman, his stepmother, the new Countess of Qoch-upon-Slitteh. 

Misarella was her name, an Italian TV star totally obsessed with  celebrities and royalty, absolutely committed  to one and only one task: To get one of her daughters married to the next Crown Prince.

Isabella and Maria were like their mother, beautiful, cunning and totally ruthless. Charles had been grounded for three months now -- for reading the New Scientist -- and his father didn't even dare to protest.

The Queen knew her son, and feared that he would fall for one of the two gold diggers, so when the royal ball came up she sent Lady Smythe-fforbes  to Charles with her "request". 

She was Charles' godmother, descended from fairy stock from Wales, and one of the most powerful witches in the United Kingdom. She turned Charles's bike into a limo and his suit into a beautiful dress.  

Before he had the chance to protest, two tantalizing globes of flesh had appeared on his chest. Blond hair cascaded down his shoulders and a soft slit had replaced his pride and joy.  Not that he dared to check.

There were no noisy squirrels and tailoring birds, though. Thank God for small favors!

The problem was, it was kind of fun. Charles was a timid kind of guy, and now he suddenly found himself the sexy centre of attention. 

The Prince noticed "Cindy" immediately. No wonder, really, as she was modeled on the basis of his secret sexual fantasies.  The prince didn't even look at Isabelle and Maria. Since then Cindy and the Prince had been together every single day.

So, here he was, resting after one week of wedding preparations in the garden of the prince's secret hide-out. 

The future queen of the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada grabbed her tits and laughed: "Well, I can always close my eyes and think of England!" 

Images from Super Sexstars.

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Super Bitch

All he had wanted was some inexpensive quality time. He had driven down to Long Street to see if he could find a sweet girl willing to brighten his night, and had found this little black thing with that sexy sulky look he was hoping for.

All right, his remarks about Obama had been out of order, but didn't this girl have any sense of humor?

She had spit at him.

"I have been waiting for you!" she said. "I have been waiting for a guy with so little respect for the common girl that I would feel no remorse for doing this to you."

Then she took out a piece of paper and started reading a text in some strange language. The next thing he knew, he was looking up in his own face.

"I know this is hard to grasp, Brian, but the basics are very simple. I have taken your body, your life, your money and your wife, using an amazingly simple body-swap spell.

"But I am not a cruel woman, Brian, regardless of what you may think. In return you get my, sexy, little body as well as my pimp and my corner down here at Long Street."

Brian stuttered with anger and fear: "You, you, you cannot just leave me here like this! I'll do anything you want! I'll pay you anything!"

"Oh honey, I have all your credit cards and all your money. What could you possible give me that I would want?

"Ah well, I guess sex would be an option, but I don't feel much like sleeping with myself, now that I have a wife waiting for me back home. Bye, darling, and take care!"

She was gone. A few minutes later a limo stopped beside him. A huge man looked out of the window, all tattoos, gold chains and diamond studded teeth: "Hey Brenda! Do you have my money ready?"

He looked into his purse and found nothing but a lipstick and some condoms. Damn it!

"No money again!? Jump into the car, shorty! If you cannot find your own customers, I will have to find them for you. In the meantime you can do your best to make me happy here in the car!"

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This one is for Bren.


The Sissy (a transexual fantasy)

I have a rather extreme transsexual sissy story for you this time.

Given all my spare time (he he), I have developed a scientific literary theory about sissy erotica called the Sissy Quadrant Theory:

All great sissy stories are based on the interaction between four archetypal character types:
  1. Powerwoman, a strong mother, aunt, teacher, nanny or wife that has total control over her own life and the life of others.
  2. Powerman, a strong, muscular, "real" man (with a big dick); a mythical figure that is actually able to satisfy the sexual needs of Powerwoman. He is always an outsider (and does not exist in real life).
  3. The Wuss, a boy or man, totally unable to live up to Powerwoman's expectations of what constitutes a "real man". His inadequacy is symbolized by his small dick.
  4. The Sissy, a submissive and mentally challenged girl or woman with no personal will of her own.
The plot of a sissy story is basically like this:
  1. Powerwoman and the Wuss are in a relationship (husband/wife, son/mother etc.)
  2. Powerwoman despises the Wuss and decides that he is, for all practical purposes, as Sissy.
  3. Powerwoman changes the Wuss into a Sissy.
  4. Powerman serves Powerwoman,
  5. Sissy serves Powerman.
In other words: the traditional whore/madonna dichotomy is replaced by a new polarity: the dominatrix vs. the sissy.

So why do so many transgendered men long to become the sissy instead of the powerwoman?

There are probably many reasons. Becoming a helpless victim does, for instance, take away some of the guilt. However, I strongly believe that the effort needed to succeed as a strong and independent powerman or a forcful career woman in today's world is inhuman, and that many just long to get away from it all.

The pictures of the beautiful TS model Vianca is from Tranny Surprise. Needless to say, there is absolutely no similarity between the life of the fictional main character of this story and the model.

Well, enough talk. Let's go on with it!

For an easy to read full screen version go to Slideshare via this link and click on Full. Alternatively you may download the PDF file by clicking on this link.



White Wedding

The wedding invitation had taken Sam by surprise.

Charles was one of the leading men in the company and he was just a janitor. But he was to curious to decline, and soon found himself guest at Charles' huge manor.

He arrived the day before the wedding and fell asleep in his room, exhausted from the long journey.

He didn't really wake up the next morning. Not really. Even after the strong black cup of coffee one of the bridesmaids brought him, he felt dizzy and confused.

What were the bridesmaids doing in his room, anyway? And why had his hair gotten so long?

The young bridesmaids talked and talked and would not let him out of their sights. They insisted that he should try on the bride's dress. Why on earth?

It fit well, though, and they were right in saying that he looked good. But he shouldn't have, should he?

He could get his mind to start working, and followed the bridesmaids to the church without much of a protest. The priest up at the altar insisted that he should answer some of his strange questions. A sleepy grunt from Sam seemed to satisfy him.

Then Charles dragged him back to the manor and insisted on dancing with him. It was bizarre! And where was Samantha, the bride?

And now he was in the wedding suite at the Four Seasons, together with Charles, who wanted to kiss his tits.

Hey, where did they come from?

It was kinda funny, though. Quit pleasant, actually. Come to think of it, he was pretty excited. So, it must be all right, then...


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New TG blog: Tina's Hardcore Erotica

The number of new TG caption blogs is growing at a steady rate.

Now, Tina -- know for her caps over at Freya's -- has decided to start her own blog, aptly called Tina's Hardcore Erotica.

The name says it all, really, as Tina is not afraid to tell it as it is.

There are only a few caps there at the moment, but more are coming. If you want more, you can look up her caps over at Freya's place.


New TG fiction site: TransFictionRoom

While we are waiting for the return of Fictionmania, there has been some discussion over at TG Fiction regarding the need for a new, alternative, TG fiction site.

msdianatg has now launched a new site called TransFictionRoom. It is very basic at the moment, and has only few stories, but there are more to come.

Diana writes that she wants to know about anybody who can help posting stories they have stored locally or their favorite stories found on the web.

If you register at the site she'll set you up with author access to do the posting.

The use of tags, voting and comments -- as well as a (hopefully) good search engine -- should make it easier to track down the really good stuff.

Guest Cap: Screwed

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Cheerleader Practice 3

Last year you asked for cheerleader what-if fantasies, and I gave you the story of male cheerleaders Phil and Sam who accepted a fatal bet: Stay female cheerleaders for a day without having sex, and the witches Bambi and Anna would fulfill their deepest desires.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Sam is now the lead cheerleader Samantha, and she has apparently decided to help more hidden female personalities get a real life.

Adam is hired as a cheerleader for the opposing team! He does, of course, end up in the wrong locker room by habit.

The pixs of Jenaveve Jolie are from Brazzers. Jenaveve is of Mexican & Aztec Indian descent.

Alternative download site.


Mini Cap: The Misogynist

A TG Quicky a day, makes your blues go away.

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Perfect English

"Riku, Riku, come over here!" Takumi called for his friend urgently in the school yard. "Have you seen that Miya is back?"

Riku could see the pain in his friend's eyes. Miya had been his best friend for over a year and her disappearance had nearly broken his soul.

"Yes," Takumi answered, uncertain of how to proceed.

"Have you spoken to her?"


"But tell me, what did she say?"

"It is bad, Takumi, it is nearly as bad as they said. She is very confused you know, and finds it hard to speak in an intelligible manner. She speaks Japanese as a foreigner. She even uses the expressions of a man."

"Really?" But there were still hope in Takumi's eyes: "Did she ask about me?"

"No, Takimu, I am sorry. But I did ask her about it. She said she couldn't remember you, that she isn't really Miya. Headmaster Sato warned us about this, you know. He said that she had had a nervous breakdown, and that she suffered from mental delusions. We must try to help her find her way back to us, he said."

"Maybe I shall try to talk to her -- help her," Takumi said.

"Yeah, that might be a good thing," Riku replied.

"But remember, when she starts to talk about her being an American boy called RJ, you are not to encourage her, OK? Sometimes she seems to believe that Maya switched bodies with this RJ when he visited Kyoto. And if she starts to talk English, you are not to answer her either. Can you do that?"

"She speaks English?"

"Perfect English..."

Images from Erotic Japan.

The model is Mao Misaki, and this story is dedicated to RJ.

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The Altar

Erik! Erik!

Erik, stop touching your breasts and look at me!

What was it about "Do not touch the lingam altar!" that you did not understand? The "do not" part maybe?

I told you that this is an ancient altar used for fertility rites, did I not?

And I also told you that the spirit that used to rule in this parts, demanded that a young virgin should be deflowered on this very spot every spring, to ensure the fertility of the fields and a good hunt.

You have never really believed in spiritual matters, have you? I guessed as much, which is why I took you to this sacred grove.

Now that you have seen what the spirit can do to you, I guess that you do understand that we have to go all the way with this. You do not want to risk the wrath of the spirit, I can assure you!

So why don't you just lie down in the grass here and spread your legs for a good friend?

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This one is dedicated to Courtney.

Images from Totally Brunette!


Weird & Sexy Revisited

There are quite a few porn directories there with their own transgender erotica categories, but few of them are any good. Most of them serve as search engine bait serving irrelevant ads.

Of all the directories I have linked to, only one remain: the one to Weird & Sexy.

I admit it is a chaotic site, and some sites listed are of a low quality, or even intelligible (as I do not read Japanese).

That being said, I have found several gems in their collections, and their transgender section is huge.

No wonder, really, as it includes everything from trangender fantasies like the ones you find here to shemales and futanari. They include blogs, porn sites, Yahoo! Groups and YouTube videos.

The good thing is that they are now switching over to a new format, and the new site is much easier to navigate.

Click here for the transgender category under the new site.

Here's a video found via a link on Weird & Sexy to metamorphosisrayne's collection over at YouTube (video by Urisei Yatsura).


Forced Femme

Smile to the camera, Brian! Smile. There is no way I will be able to sell these pictures to Brazzers if you sulk all the time.

All right, that is better, but I need you to put some more feeling into it.

Yes, I will use the spell that changes you back as soon as this photo shoot is ready.

I am pretty pissed at you for your fling with Rebecca, and I think this is more than a reasonable punishment.

Show me some tit, darling, show me some tit!

OK, Anton, come in here will you!

No, no, Brian, it is all right. He is just going to pose with you. Not that you have much of a choice anyway. If you don't do this I will sell you to the Russian mafia, just the way you are.

Touch his dick, Brian. No! No! No! No bickering! No whimpering! Just do it! That is better. Soft strokes, darling. You know all about that, don't you? You are after all a well trained wanker!

Look, he likes you! He is getting hard and excited for you, Brenda. Isn't that nice?

That whore Rebecca did suck your dick didn't she? Well, now it is your turn. Down on your knees, bitch!

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

It looks like if you were born for this.

Ok, get up and bend over! It is time to make a real woman out of you.

Hold her hard, Anton, and do your thing!

Oh, stop complaining, Brenda! You can learn a lot from your good friend Rebecca, you know.

I am sure she at least pretended to like it when you fooled around with her.

Now ride his dick, will you!

Hm, you are starting to experience new and strange sensations, aren't you? Yes, I thought as much. You are a slut at heart, aren't you Brenda?

Change you back? Yes, I did promise to change you back, didn't I? I hate to break this to you, darling, but I have no reversal spell. Nope, it was far too expensive, you see, and even if I inherit everything from my much beloved and missing husband, I need more.

Anton here is actually from the Russian mob, and he will pay me some 10,000 dollars from your sweet and sexy body. If you are lucky you will end up as a call girl somewhere in Europe.

OK, you can take her now, Anton, and please make her stop crying, will you?

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This one is for Brenda over at RH.

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