Perfect English

"Riku, Riku, come over here!" Takumi called for his friend urgently in the school yard. "Have you seen that Miya is back?"

Riku could see the pain in his friend's eyes. Miya had been his best friend for over a year and her disappearance had nearly broken his soul.

"Yes," Takumi answered, uncertain of how to proceed.

"Have you spoken to her?"


"But tell me, what did she say?"

"It is bad, Takumi, it is nearly as bad as they said. She is very confused you know, and finds it hard to speak in an intelligible manner. She speaks Japanese as a foreigner. She even uses the expressions of a man."

"Really?" But there were still hope in Takumi's eyes: "Did she ask about me?"

"No, Takimu, I am sorry. But I did ask her about it. She said she couldn't remember you, that she isn't really Miya. Headmaster Sato warned us about this, you know. He said that she had had a nervous breakdown, and that she suffered from mental delusions. We must try to help her find her way back to us, he said."

"Maybe I shall try to talk to her -- help her," Takumi said.

"Yeah, that might be a good thing," Riku replied.

"But remember, when she starts to talk about her being an American boy called RJ, you are not to encourage her, OK? Sometimes she seems to believe that Maya switched bodies with this RJ when he visited Kyoto. And if she starts to talk English, you are not to answer her either. Can you do that?"

"She speaks English?"

"Perfect English..."

Images from Erotic Japan.

The model is Mao Misaki, and this story is dedicated to RJ.

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  1. Lol that was great!! now can u come up with one where i am transformed into a japanese lesbian?

  2. Best story and hottest photos yet! Please make more like this. I agree with RJ, being transformed (forcefully) into a japanese lesbian would be a dream come true. At least until the novelty wears off and you realize you are stuck like this for the rest of your life and will never see your family again (having lots of lesbian sex with other japanese schoolgirls would ease the longing to go home just a little:)).

  3. Anonymous1/11/2009

    Good story ! I love japanese transformation and this one is one of the best !

    Keep the good work !


  4. Thanks cc for agreeing with me but whenever u have a crappy life becoming a japanese lesbian would be the happiest day of my life.


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