White Wedding

The wedding invitation had taken Sam by surprise.

Charles was one of the leading men in the company and he was just a janitor. But he was to curious to decline, and soon found himself guest at Charles' huge manor.

He arrived the day before the wedding and fell asleep in his room, exhausted from the long journey.

He didn't really wake up the next morning. Not really. Even after the strong black cup of coffee one of the bridesmaids brought him, he felt dizzy and confused.

What were the bridesmaids doing in his room, anyway? And why had his hair gotten so long?

The young bridesmaids talked and talked and would not let him out of their sights. They insisted that he should try on the bride's dress. Why on earth?

It fit well, though, and they were right in saying that he looked good. But he shouldn't have, should he?

He could get his mind to start working, and followed the bridesmaids to the church without much of a protest. The priest up at the altar insisted that he should answer some of his strange questions. A sleepy grunt from Sam seemed to satisfy him.

Then Charles dragged him back to the manor and insisted on dancing with him. It was bizarre! And where was Samantha, the bride?

And now he was in the wedding suite at the Four Seasons, together with Charles, who wanted to kiss his tits.

Hey, where did they come from?

It was kinda funny, though. Quit pleasant, actually. Come to think of it, he was pretty excited. So, it must be all right, then...


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  1. Anonymous1/19/2009

    Wait, who's Phil again?

  2. Yeh, who is that Phil guy? He seems to pop up in so many of my stories. This was an error, I'm afraid.


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