Super Bitch

All he had wanted was some inexpensive quality time. He had driven down to Long Street to see if he could find a sweet girl willing to brighten his night, and had found this little black thing with that sexy sulky look he was hoping for.

All right, his remarks about Obama had been out of order, but didn't this girl have any sense of humor?

She had spit at him.

"I have been waiting for you!" she said. "I have been waiting for a guy with so little respect for the common girl that I would feel no remorse for doing this to you."

Then she took out a piece of paper and started reading a text in some strange language. The next thing he knew, he was looking up in his own face.

"I know this is hard to grasp, Brian, but the basics are very simple. I have taken your body, your life, your money and your wife, using an amazingly simple body-swap spell.

"But I am not a cruel woman, Brian, regardless of what you may think. In return you get my, sexy, little body as well as my pimp and my corner down here at Long Street."

Brian stuttered with anger and fear: "You, you, you cannot just leave me here like this! I'll do anything you want! I'll pay you anything!"

"Oh honey, I have all your credit cards and all your money. What could you possible give me that I would want?

"Ah well, I guess sex would be an option, but I don't feel much like sleeping with myself, now that I have a wife waiting for me back home. Bye, darling, and take care!"

She was gone. A few minutes later a limo stopped beside him. A huge man looked out of the window, all tattoos, gold chains and diamond studded teeth: "Hey Brenda! Do you have my money ready?"

He looked into his purse and found nothing but a lipstick and some condoms. Damn it!

"No money again!? Jump into the car, shorty! If you cannot find your own customers, I will have to find them for you. In the meantime you can do your best to make me happy here in the car!"

Images by Hustler.

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This one is for Bren.


  1. Anonymous6/22/2009

    Should try to have one where the guy is swapped with a fat ugly girl

  2. Hm, lemme think about that...



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