Cheerleader Practice 3

Last year you asked for cheerleader what-if fantasies, and I gave you the story of male cheerleaders Phil and Sam who accepted a fatal bet: Stay female cheerleaders for a day without having sex, and the witches Bambi and Anna would fulfill their deepest desires.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Sam is now the lead cheerleader Samantha, and she has apparently decided to help more hidden female personalities get a real life.

Adam is hired as a cheerleader for the opposing team! He does, of course, end up in the wrong locker room by habit.

The pixs of Jenaveve Jolie are from Brazzers. Jenaveve is of Mexican & Aztec Indian descent.

Alternative download site.


  1. I just love the series and hope that you make more.

  2. Jessica1/15/2009

    Mmmm love it! Great work and I hope to be able to read more.


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