The Sissy (a transexual fantasy)

I have a rather extreme transsexual sissy story for you this time.

Given all my spare time (he he), I have developed a scientific literary theory about sissy erotica called the Sissy Quadrant Theory:

All great sissy stories are based on the interaction between four archetypal character types:
  1. Powerwoman, a strong mother, aunt, teacher, nanny or wife that has total control over her own life and the life of others.
  2. Powerman, a strong, muscular, "real" man (with a big dick); a mythical figure that is actually able to satisfy the sexual needs of Powerwoman. He is always an outsider (and does not exist in real life).
  3. The Wuss, a boy or man, totally unable to live up to Powerwoman's expectations of what constitutes a "real man". His inadequacy is symbolized by his small dick.
  4. The Sissy, a submissive and mentally challenged girl or woman with no personal will of her own.
The plot of a sissy story is basically like this:
  1. Powerwoman and the Wuss are in a relationship (husband/wife, son/mother etc.)
  2. Powerwoman despises the Wuss and decides that he is, for all practical purposes, as Sissy.
  3. Powerwoman changes the Wuss into a Sissy.
  4. Powerman serves Powerwoman,
  5. Sissy serves Powerman.
In other words: the traditional whore/madonna dichotomy is replaced by a new polarity: the dominatrix vs. the sissy.

So why do so many transgendered men long to become the sissy instead of the powerwoman?

There are probably many reasons. Becoming a helpless victim does, for instance, take away some of the guilt. However, I strongly believe that the effort needed to succeed as a strong and independent powerman or a forcful career woman in today's world is inhuman, and that many just long to get away from it all.

The pictures of the beautiful TS model Vianca is from Tranny Surprise. Needless to say, there is absolutely no similarity between the life of the fictional main character of this story and the model.

Well, enough talk. Let's go on with it!

For an easy to read full screen version go to Slideshare via this link and click on Full. Alternatively you may download the PDF file by clicking on this link.


  1. Anonymous1/22/2009

    Awesome! Awesome! Baddass! Please keep doing more with actual transsexual pictures, I love them. Plus Bianca was a great choice.

  2. Your observation is valid. Most of the people I play with want to be submissive. Even the one boy I play with wants to be ordered around. It is a vast amount of weight on that end of the scales.

    For me, I just know that when I feel trust and love, I can feel completely safe and just focus on my love for that person. I like the feeling of pleasing the person I love. It is a feeling that is just warm and sweet and nice.

    I can, under the correct circumstances take control. I guess for me I would make a bad real mistress. I just don't want to degrade the slave. It is not in me to do tha, just pushing and teasing and then breaking the person is what I can work towards. Thing is, I am as much wanting to have them feel pleasure as getting pleasure from being the Mistress. I get off as a Mistress when I know it is giving pleasure. Still, I would rather not be the one in command. It is tiring. I mean, being the Mistress is a great deal of work.

    Oh, great story. I was needing to read something like that. Thank you sweetie.

  3. Interesting observations probably too true.
    If we could paricipate on both sides of the control issue it would be a lot more fun. Always being submissive and or always being dominate becomes a bore.

  4. Anonymous12/11/2012

    oh, my goodness, such a sexy and beautiful story, I have to admit that I found it so very, very arousing!


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