Forced Femme

Smile to the camera, Brian! Smile. There is no way I will be able to sell these pictures to Brazzers if you sulk all the time.

All right, that is better, but I need you to put some more feeling into it.

Yes, I will use the spell that changes you back as soon as this photo shoot is ready.

I am pretty pissed at you for your fling with Rebecca, and I think this is more than a reasonable punishment.

Show me some tit, darling, show me some tit!

OK, Anton, come in here will you!

No, no, Brian, it is all right. He is just going to pose with you. Not that you have much of a choice anyway. If you don't do this I will sell you to the Russian mafia, just the way you are.

Touch his dick, Brian. No! No! No! No bickering! No whimpering! Just do it! That is better. Soft strokes, darling. You know all about that, don't you? You are after all a well trained wanker!

Look, he likes you! He is getting hard and excited for you, Brenda. Isn't that nice?

That whore Rebecca did suck your dick didn't she? Well, now it is your turn. Down on your knees, bitch!

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

It looks like if you were born for this.

Ok, get up and bend over! It is time to make a real woman out of you.

Hold her hard, Anton, and do your thing!

Oh, stop complaining, Brenda! You can learn a lot from your good friend Rebecca, you know.

I am sure she at least pretended to like it when you fooled around with her.

Now ride his dick, will you!

Hm, you are starting to experience new and strange sensations, aren't you? Yes, I thought as much. You are a slut at heart, aren't you Brenda?

Change you back? Yes, I did promise to change you back, didn't I? I hate to break this to you, darling, but I have no reversal spell. Nope, it was far too expensive, you see, and even if I inherit everything from my much beloved and missing husband, I need more.

Anton here is actually from the Russian mob, and he will pay me some 10,000 dollars from your sweet and sexy body. If you are lucky you will end up as a call girl somewhere in Europe.

OK, you can take her now, Anton, and please make her stop crying, will you?

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This one is for Brenda over at RH.

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