Guest Cap: Don't be shy Rebecca!

Here is a crossgender cap series I got from Smitty over at Rachel's Haven.

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Cops (Reality Dysfunction)

The reality dysfunction changed his whole life. But once police, always police.

He was not going to give his career because of an unexpected change in gender status.

That's right! The Other Side of Your Soulhas finally got a police show episode.

NCIS, eat your heart out!

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The model is Emma Heart and the pictures are taken from the amazing Brazzers site, my main source of capping material.


New horror movie with forced feminization theme

Cheryl made me aware of a new horror movie, Victim, bringing you the tale about a young rapist (?) who is captured by a mad doctor. The surgeon has planned the ultimate revenge for the death of his daughter.

I haven't seen it. And I do not know how you can get hold of it legally. Apparently it is on demand on some networks in the US.

Do not expect Coppola qualities!

IMDB on Victim

Movie review


Caption Contest

Strapped in Silk has a caption contest you may want to take part in.

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Guest Cap: The Spell

Here's a guest cap from Amzingrando over at Rachel's! Click on it to enlarge!


Tiresias 9: Resurrection

Miles is an old man and on the verge of dying. A male nurse takes pity on him and enrolls him in Dr. Göbbel's transformation program. Watch him enter a new life with sexy underwear and lots of sex.

And yes, another paralyzed patient finds himself in a very nimble teenage body of the opposite sex.
Note: This story does NOT contain forced sex.

Dr. Göbbels is trying to raise a new nazi army on American soil. The goal is to establish the Fourth Reich.

As an insane but brilliant scientist he has managed to unravel the reality of the universe, recognizing that it is all information, ready to be reprogrammed for his sick needs.

Now he is trying to breed his new master race, changing men into future mothers. Not that he succeeds so well. Nature is not a national socialist and she continues to give him women of all races.

(I have always wanted to make a "Director's Cut! :-)

The images are from Brazzers, my favorite source of comic image material.


Guest Cap: "Code Name R.E.B.E.C.C.A" or "Black Ops Panties"

Here is one of the most perfectly designed crossgender caps I have ever seen. It is a gift from Mistress Simone.

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T-Camp 6: Revenge

Welcome to the T-Camp, a secret facility deep into the Amazonian jungle.

This is a place that produces one rare commodity for connoisseurs from all over the world: beautiful, sexy T-girls.

There is one catch. The girls that are trained here never volunteered for the mission, and the camp management is using creative educational methods that would not pass muster in a court of law. Which is of course why the camp is hidden away.

In this episode we get a glimpse into the surprising past of the Camp Commander, Veronica.

This presentation is labelled TG Extreme, as it contains strong BDSM scenes. If this is not for you, do not read it!

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The main images are from Shemalesgetfucked.com.