Guest Cap: Shhh, don't fight it!

Always reliable Courtney gives us a brand new idea for a TG story!

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The Milk Factory Crisis

"Smith, calm down will you? I cannot understand a word of what you are saying. Speak slower, damn it!"

CEO John Farmer of Daring Dairies Inc. was getting slightly irritated.

"The Wednesday batch to Baltimore slipped through the regular testing, Sir." Smith fidgeted and fixed his eyes on a spot on the wall behind Mr. Farmer.

"Yes, I got that. But what is the problem. Bacteria? Grease from the machinery?"

"No, Sir, but someone from the EFVLM got past security, sir."


"The Ecologial Feminist Vegan Liberation Movement Sir. They hate men and believe all cows should be freed, Sir."

"And who should milk the cows out there, I wonder? The wolves?" Farmer had acquired a disturbing red color in his cheeks. "Never mind that! What did they do?"

"They slipped Y2X formula into the milk, sir."

"And what is Y2X, if I may ask?"

"It is a experimental nanoviro DNA-altering drug sir; something they developed for Gitmo, sir."

"Yes, but what does it do?"

"It changes the DNA of men, sir."

"Oh God! What kind of disease are we talking about. Cancer? Hair growth? A craving for broccoli?"

"They are turned into women, sir."


"Yes, and the nanobots are very efficient sir. It takes only a few hours to change them completely. Our genetic structure does after all contain all the information needed to turn us into both men and women."

"You don't say?" Farmer was reminded of his own fascination for female panties. No, he shouldn't go there! Not now. This was serious.

"This is horrible, you understand that, Smith? The legal fees alone could sink this company, and the board will have my head on a platter. What does the legal team say?"

"Well so far we have had no complaints from the men -- eh, ex-men -- sir. As a matter of fact, many of them has asked us for more milk. It makes them high, apparently."

"So there have been no law suits? That's unbelievable!"

Smith looked at his shoes, at his nails, at the picture of Mr. Farmers firm wife before he dared to look Mr. Farmer into his eyes.

"Eh, no sir, unfortunately not, sir. We have received some 540 law suits so far, and they ask for damages up till some 450 million US dollars, sir."

"Why? From whom? I mean, people must see that it is those stupid anarchists that are to be blamed here?"

"Their wives and girl friends, sir. It turns out that none of them or their ex-men are lesbians, sir. Moreover, the ex-men steal their wives' underwear and make-up, sir. This is apparently causing much stress and emotional anxiety."

Farmer sank deep down into his expensive executive chair and sighed deeply. "Get me a glass of that milk, Smith. My life and my marriage is over, anyway..."

Hm, the day wasn't over yet. Maybe he had time for a trip to Victoria's Secret?


The Large Hadron Collider Disaster

- Hey, Fred. Have you seen the girl in the corner?

- The blonde?

- Nah, the brunette in the pink sweater.

- She's sweet!

- I bet you she is a changeling.

- A changeling?

- Yeah, you heard about the Large Hadron Collider disaster last month, didn't you?

- I am not too much into science.

- One of their experiments generated a reality distortion wave that encompassed the whole solar system.

- Ah, yeah, I heard about that. There were a few women that woke up as men, I believe.

- And visa versa.

- You mean...?

- Yepp, you can see it in the way they behave. The mascara bleeds, they don't get the color scheme right, forget to shave their arm...

- All right! I get it! But this one is perfect!

- But she is very shy. She is very concerned about behaving naturally and she doesn't look men in the eye. She blushes profoundly if you smile at her.

- But there are a lot of shy women!

- Listen. I'll make you a bet. I bet that she will forget her handbag when she leaves her table.

- And that proves what?

- Women never forget their handbags. It is an extended part of their body.

- Ok. Here she goes..... Damn!

- I told you so! Let's wait a few minutes before fetching her bag.

- Taking her bag? Why?

- There is bound to be some ID in there. Then we travel to her place and deliver the bag. I mean, she just have to invite us in, right? OK, here it is. Hm, we have two driver's licenses! One for -- let me see -- Erik Smith, and the other for Courtney Smith. You owe me big time!

- You really want to go out with an ex-man?

- No, I already have a girl friend. But you will! This is probably your only chance of finding a girl that actually understands you!

This one is for Courtney!

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Brownsville - a new comic from TG Comics

Femur & Co over at TG Comics has launched its first premium comic for downloading.

This is the first comic TG Comics actually asks you to pay for, but it is definitely worth it. 

Brownsville is made by Tebra, one of the leading artists in the TG genre.

Dr. Paul Angstrum is a genetic research scientist at Brandell University. Due to an experiment his son gets a new life as a woman, something that changes the dynamics of the whole family.

You have to sign up for a premium membership of the TGC Forums to pay for and access the comic.

UPDATE: If you're an existing TGComics Forum member, you should convert your existing account to a free, premium account rather than make a new one. (See comment)


Guest Cap: Big tits

Here's one from tg-mage.

She has understood my weakness for voluptuous curves!

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Finding photos for TG captions

So you have decided to make your own caps, and your own caption blog even. What do you do?

Using image search engines

You may use Google Image Search, of course, and switch off the adult filter (click on alternatives and select "do not filter my search results").

Google will bring you images from a large variety of sites, including porn site galleries. If you click on any of these links you may get access to hot pictures, and even series of pictures from complete photo sets. 

The downside is that you have to wade through hundreds of spam pages with banners, banners, banners and nothing useful at all. There is also the risk of malware and viruses.

There are other image search engines you may try out as well.

Erotic image directories

TG Captions UK has a useful list of free image sources down  in the left hand column of the blog. One example is The Babes of Flickr which gathers soft core pictures from the social photo web site Flickr.

Other sites of interest:

Become a porn site affiliate

If you have a blog or site, you may also sing up to become a porn site affiliate. They will normally offer you some content for free (selected photo shoots etc.), in return for you adding a link or two to their site. Heck, you may even earn some money this way.

Here are a few options:

Pay for porn site access

I am basing most of my caps and photo stories on caps fetched from such sites. By adding affiliate links to the relevant blog post I also make sure that I am not breaking any copyright laws.

And no, I am not paying for access to all the porn sites listed on this blog! Most of the sites offer packages of 10 or more sites. Subscribing to one or two of them brings you all the pictures you could wish for.

Check also the comments to this blog post!



Guest Cap: The Fridge

Mmmmm, here's another one from Lovely Cheerleader.

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New transgender caption blogs (and how to make your own)

I have put up a new post over at TFCC, presenting some of the many new transgender caption blogs popping up these days.

By the way, if you want to make your own TG blog it is, in fact, very simple.

Google's Blogger allows for caption blogs of the explicit kind, as long as you tick of the "Adult Content" setting and let them set up a content warning.

Blogger is free, there seems to be no storage limit, it requires no HTML or programming skills, and there are a few decent templates to choose from. You may change the color scheme to suit your own needs and add new elements of your own choice.

The fact is that you do not even need to know how to use graphics software. You may upload a picture and add the caption as plain text in the blog post.

Make sure you set the settings "Let search engines find your blog?" and "Add your blog to our listings?" to Yes.

Let me know when you have published a few caps, and I'll add your blog to my list of transgender caption blogs.

Rachel has a guide on how to write your own caps.


Guest Cap: Ladies' man

Preg Luv has given me this delightful little cap!

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The Witchblade (Updated with part 2!)

It wasn't Alexander Pezzini who found the artifact. It was the artifact that found him.

The NYPD homicide detective found himself in a shoot out in one of New York's many museums, when a glass case broke and an old bracelet fell out on the floor.

Bullets buzzing past his ears, Alex found himself picking the bracelet up and putting it on his right hand. It expanded into a gauntlet.

Soon, to his utter amazement, it covered his whole arm, and he could deflect the bullets with ease. One of the ricocheted and hit his stalker in the head.

When his partner Jack McCarty finally appeared at the crime scene, the gauntlet had shrunk to its original size and Alex forgot all about it.

Later that night, however, he got a strange phone call from one of the city's most obscure millionaires, the enigmatic Kenneth Irons.

"I am told you have the Witchblade," Irons said.

"The what?" Alex was a good cop. Even crazy phone conversations could bring up useful information.

"The Witchblade. It is an ancient artifact forged at the dawn of time. It chose you, it appears."

"You mean the bracelet?" Alex asked.

"Oh, you know that it is much more than a bracelet," Irons replied. "There is one thing you should know, though. The Witchblade is maculine, and any man that tries to wield it will lose his arm. You still have your arm, Alex?"

Alex admitted that this was the case.

"Ah! Interesting. Well, Mr Pezzini. I think you should brace yourself for some dramatic changes in your life. I'll call you again, tomorrow, Sarah."

Mr. Irons hung up.

Alex looked at the receiver, baffled. Sarah? WTF?

He went to bed.

He had some strange dreams that night. He could see a woman in medieval armor. Then the same woman being burnt at the stake, and it was as if the pain of her flesh burning was his own.

He did not know that the Witchblade was embracing his whole body, changing every single cell.

When Sarah Pezzini woke up the next morning, a new tale had begun.

This one is for Alex, a great admirer of Witchblade, the comic.

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Alexia has given me a continuation of this story that I just had to give you right away.

I am Dani the dancer now.

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Guest Caps: Variations over a theme

Angie over at Rachel's made these caps for me. Four variations over a theme.

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Pussy Whipped

There is in particular one fascinating subsection of transgender fiction, namely sissy porn.

Watch boys being reduced to submissive, humiliated, girls that are forced to do almost anything by their dominant wifes, mother, aunts or any other female authority figure!

I dare any psychologist to explain these fantasies to the world!

All you sissies out there, I salute you! This one is for you! I hope you appreciate this story of degradation and (dare we say it?) joy!

The full screen PDF file can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

The images are from Totally Redhead.


Guest Cap: TG Limerick

Shy Steffie over at Rachel's Haven has made a long series of TG limericks! And now I am the victim of her ancient Irish magic!

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Guest cap: Protect your password!

This is what happens if you use your pet's name as password.

Thanks to sissytif for this one!

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Minicap: From the mall

Here's a TG quickie for you!

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Changing the blog roll

My blog rolls (i.e. the lists of links found in the left hand colum) have become too long and unruly. Moreover, they slow down the download speed of all my pages.

I have therefore moved the links into a separate TG fiction links directory subdivided into separate categories for stories, captions, sissy sites etc.

I hope this will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

By the way: If you know of any sites or blogs that ought to be included, just tell me in a comment on the relevant page.



Guest cap: Jill's Dream

Here's an original twist for you: F2S (female to shemale)...

This one was made by lovelycheerleader. Thank you!


The Dancing Prisoners

"Doctor Jenkins. Could I have your report please?" The major looked at him expectantly.

"Certainly, sir. As regards prisoners James, Rick, Denis and Fred, all is going according to plan. They have suffered tremendously because of the induced changes, and are thoroughly traumatized."

"Good," the major replied. "A fitting punishment for their political crimes. I wonder why they are so opposed to the new regime, Doctor. After all, martial law has brought peace and prosperity to our nation. What is democracy compared to that?"

"Right, sir. As regards Alex and Mark, I am afraid we have some problems, sir."

"Really, and what is that?"

"They seem to enjoy being women, sir."

"What!!! How could they possibly! They have been emasculated for gossake!"

"It gets worse..."

"How can it possibly get worse? How can this punishment be preventive, if the prisoners start to love it?!"

"They have fallen in love, sir!"

This one is for Lady Alexia.

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The pix are by Sextronix.

Click here for Alexia's blog!


The Godmother

He was just a junior member of the Sorrento clan, the mob that run his part of the city.

He was definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If he had been, he would not have robbed one of the liquor stores "protected" by his boss, the mighty Butch Sorrento.

"The Butcher" did not tolerate subordination of this kind. However, he was a modern man. No heavy block of concrete around your feet, no old fashioned knee capping.

No, the Butcher believed in modern nanoviral technology and the recycling of human potential.

This photo story is illustrated by pictures from the very rich Realitykings package of porn sites. You will find more pictures of wonderful Giselle (see right) there.

Download the full screen PDF file here!

Alternative download site.


April 1st

Silly? Silly is my middle name!

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Yeah, I made it for Shy Steffie.