The Dancing Prisoners

"Doctor Jenkins. Could I have your report please?" The major looked at him expectantly.

"Certainly, sir. As regards prisoners James, Rick, Denis and Fred, all is going according to plan. They have suffered tremendously because of the induced changes, and are thoroughly traumatized."

"Good," the major replied. "A fitting punishment for their political crimes. I wonder why they are so opposed to the new regime, Doctor. After all, martial law has brought peace and prosperity to our nation. What is democracy compared to that?"

"Right, sir. As regards Alex and Mark, I am afraid we have some problems, sir."

"Really, and what is that?"

"They seem to enjoy being women, sir."

"What!!! How could they possibly! They have been emasculated for gossake!"

"It gets worse..."

"How can it possibly get worse? How can this punishment be preventive, if the prisoners start to love it?!"

"They have fallen in love, sir!"

This one is for Lady Alexia.

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The pix are by Sextronix.

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