The Large Hadron Collider Disaster

- Hey, Fred. Have you seen the girl in the corner?

- The blonde?

- Nah, the brunette in the pink sweater.

- She's sweet!

- I bet you she is a changeling.

- A changeling?

- Yeah, you heard about the Large Hadron Collider disaster last month, didn't you?

- I am not too much into science.

- One of their experiments generated a reality distortion wave that encompassed the whole solar system.

- Ah, yeah, I heard about that. There were a few women that woke up as men, I believe.

- And visa versa.

- You mean...?

- Yepp, you can see it in the way they behave. The mascara bleeds, they don't get the color scheme right, forget to shave their arm...

- All right! I get it! But this one is perfect!

- But she is very shy. She is very concerned about behaving naturally and she doesn't look men in the eye. She blushes profoundly if you smile at her.

- But there are a lot of shy women!

- Listen. I'll make you a bet. I bet that she will forget her handbag when she leaves her table.

- And that proves what?

- Women never forget their handbags. It is an extended part of their body.

- Ok. Here she goes..... Damn!

- I told you so! Let's wait a few minutes before fetching her bag.

- Taking her bag? Why?

- There is bound to be some ID in there. Then we travel to her place and deliver the bag. I mean, she just have to invite us in, right? OK, here it is. Hm, we have two driver's licenses! One for -- let me see -- Erik Smith, and the other for Courtney Smith. You owe me big time!

- You really want to go out with an ex-man?

- No, I already have a girl friend. But you will! This is probably your only chance of finding a girl that actually understands you!

This one is for Courtney!

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