Finding photos for TG captions

So you have decided to make your own caps, and your own caption blog even. What do you do?

Using image search engines

You may use Google Image Search, of course, and switch off the adult filter (click on alternatives and select "do not filter my search results").

Google will bring you images from a large variety of sites, including porn site galleries. If you click on any of these links you may get access to hot pictures, and even series of pictures from complete photo sets. 

The downside is that you have to wade through hundreds of spam pages with banners, banners, banners and nothing useful at all. There is also the risk of malware and viruses.

There are other image search engines you may try out as well.

Erotic image directories

TG Captions UK has a useful list of free image sources down  in the left hand column of the blog. One example is The Babes of Flickr which gathers soft core pictures from the social photo web site Flickr.

Other sites of interest:

Become a porn site affiliate

If you have a blog or site, you may also sing up to become a porn site affiliate. They will normally offer you some content for free (selected photo shoots etc.), in return for you adding a link or two to their site. Heck, you may even earn some money this way.

Here are a few options:

Pay for porn site access

I am basing most of my caps and photo stories on caps fetched from such sites. By adding affiliate links to the relevant blog post I also make sure that I am not breaking any copyright laws.

And no, I am not paying for access to all the porn sites listed on this blog! Most of the sites offer packages of 10 or more sites. Subscribing to one or two of them brings you all the pictures you could wish for.

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  1. Thanks.
    I really appreciate you massive efforts to put content up and the constant High quality.

  2. Very good tips for finding photos, and another plus for the pay route (at least reality kings) is that it's easy to download entire sets. A couple more sites on the free end I'd recommend as well are thehun.com for eclectic photos updated daily and amandaspics.com which updates often although I'm not sure how often. Thanks again for your wonderful site and putting this out there. Lexi Lu

  3. I wanna say. I love most of your work and thank you very very very much.

  4. Thanks to you all!

    To Lexi: Actually all of the paid sites I have linked to allow for the download of complete photo sets in zipped files. RealityKings and Brazzers may include more than 1000 pix for each sessions, which makes them perfect for story telling.

    Sextronix and fewer pictures in each set, but the skills of the photographers are often better. This makes them better for one and two panel caps.

    There is one other site that is very similar to RealityKings which I have not recommended, exactly for this reason, namely BangBros. There you will have to download each picture individually. Now, that takes time!

  5. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Who is that girl in the picture?

    Where can I find her pics?

  6. The model is Eve, taken from the photo series "Eve The Office Babe" over at Sextronix (see link at the top of the left hand column of this page).

  7. Anonymous5/01/2009



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