Back to St.Marina and 100 Years of Male to Female Feminization

At the St.Marina Academy, bad boys are turned into girls – a kind of learning experience it is hard to forget.

This erotic photo comic also contains a large collection of vintage photos from the historical archives of the witches that run the academy. Watch photos from 100 years of magic transformations. 


Forced feminization at the St.Marina Academy

Fem Fluxx has published a story by Xing Xing that is inspired by Ed Miller in his Miss Sheila DeVille's School for Wayward Boys story.

St.Marina is an old academy, that seemingly is set up to help juvenile delinquent boys become real men. Under the surface, however, something completely different is going on.


Turned into a sexy mannequin

Morgana over at Fem/Fluxx has made a new erotic photo comic, this time about a gangster who is transformed into a curvy female mannequin.

Whether he will get his manhood back is questionable, given what we know about FemFluxx stories, but maybe he will become a real girl?

Click here to read the comic! It is all free.

Emma Leigh from Brazzers plays the main character.

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