Fictionmania is down again

The very popular TG fiction site Fictionmania is down again, and this time it is the web host that is the culprit.

There has been a very intense discussion going on at both Fictionmania and Crystal's Story Site regarding censorship and the inclusion of stories with child sex, but it is unclear whether this has anything to do with the fact that Fictionmania has been taken offline.


  1. egads.. Just when I was getting used to visting there every few days. When are they going to learn to mirror this stuff?

    Although I don't believe in censorship, and I do fantasize on rare occasions about being turned into a kid (though it's not sexual in my fantasies, it's just another vehicle to be dominated), it's a subject that can quickly get a site shutdown.

  2. Again??! I didn't think it had totally recovered from last time, the story addition count always seemed to be lower than before. Let's hope they get it back up and running soon this time!

  3. Some_guy2/11/2010

    I've posted a comment on TFCC also. The main gist being -- where does fantasy cross over and become an actual crime? Is child-erotica involving no children, actually a crime?

    I hate the fact that this stuff happens because we're afraid of the consequences -- sex crimes have the biggest stigma of any crime in the U.S. and "crime" seems pretty subjective in most cases. (All Tiger Woods did was have a lot of sex straight, and he's been ruined...)


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