The New Life of Brian

- OK, Mrs. Edson, are you ready? I must warn you, some of our clients find it hard to take in what they see behind the one way mirror.

- Well, doctor, I have paid for this for a reason. Now I want to see the results!

- OK, as you wish! Raymond, would you withdraw the curtains please? Again, Mrs. Edson, this is a one way mirror. You can see your husband, but he cannot see you.

- What a nice girl! Sweet! But where is Brian?

- That is your Brian! You asked us to feminize him, and so we have.

- But that is a beautiful girl! I mean, look at those big, round, perfect tits!

- We take pride in our work, Mrs. Edson. We develop our own cocktails of female hormones and we use the same surgeons as the Hollywood movie stars.

- I can see the resemblance now. But his face is so feminine, his lips so sexy!

- Definitely! We can do miracles with electrolysis, hormones, facial surgery.

- You have outdone yourself, doctor! I expected him to look like a man in drag, you know, but he is absolutely stunning. And his mannerisms! He is moving like a woman, as well.

- We use a combination of subliminal hypnosis and traditional courses.

- Did he put up a fight?

- They always do. First they demand to see their lawyer or the police, and then, when they start to see the changes, they often refuse to eat. They fear that there are hormones in their food. We gave Brian here a specially tailored mix of drugs and hypnosis. That, and the fear of further electroshocks, turned him around.

- Can I see him suck cock? That was the whole point, doctor. I want that cheating bastard to suck cock! I want my revenge!

- All right! Raymond, do you mind going into the next room and help Brian adapt to his new femininity?

- Raymond may not look like it, Mrs. Edson, but he is a certified sexologist. Best in his class. All right... Brian has been through our fellatio conditioning program. By exposing him for suggestive videos and requiring him to suck on various dildos in steadily increasing sizes, we have given him a subconscious urge to touch and suck dick.

- He seems to like it!

- Yes, it gives him a lot of pleasure.

- But I wanted to humiliate him!

- Really? That was not part of your order, as far as I can see. No, the contract says nothing about humiliation, although I can assure you that he has felt much humiliated throughout this process.

- Damn it! It looks like he is close to an orgasm!

- Yes, his orgiastic potential has increased exponentially.

- But I want to see him suffer. Ask that bloke of yours to fuck him!

- Are you sure? That is 10,000 extra...

- I don't care! Do it!

- Roger! Roger! We need some anal penetration, please!

- Look at that bitch! Look at that way he is pressing his perfect butt up against his crotch.

- You did ask for Class A feminization. A longing for penetration is part of that package. He has been wearing vibrating butt plugs for quite a while now.

- I can hear him moaning all the way out here. He is closing his eyes. That's what he does when he comes....

- Yes, he can experience multiple orgasms now.

- But he still has his dick!

- Yes, do you want us to remove it?

- I am not sure... No, I don't think so. No, I will take him back home. I think I have punished him enough now. He is so sexy! What shall I call him now?

- We call him Connie, but you do as you please, of course.

- OK, tonight I am going to take Connie to bed and make love to her all through the night.

- Very well, ma'am!

This one is for Connie!

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