Wedding Vibe

Damn! Damn! Damn! Ellen was still not back. God, he was stupid, giving in to her like that.

"Dear Aaron, I need you to step in for me during the wedding!" She was the bride, damn it!

And then: "I have something I need to do before I get married, and I need your body to do it."

I wasn't surprised. She was an autodidact witch, and as her little brother I had definitely suffered for it. Once, when she was ten, she turned my childhood sweetheart into a bunny. It was always like that.

I loved her, so of course I gave in in return for a promise. I would get my body back before the wedding reception was over.

She didn't. And she didn't answer her phone. I had I-doed, I had kissed the bridegroom, I had danced with him and even held a speech for him ("Tim, you mean more to me than the sun and the moon..." Good grief!)

And here we was, in the bridal suite of the Grand Hotel.

I played my role as the seductive wife perfectly.

I had an idea. It was a great idea, I would say. I would tie him down, and I wouldn't let him loose. Sis could do that, when I got my body back.

He would believe it was some kind of kinky sex and I would pretend I was so drunk that I had passed out in the bath room.

No, in the lobby! I would pass out in the lobby! I could get a drink there. Lots of drinks.

It was then I got the text. I knew it was from Sis. The ring tone had Ozzy singing.

"Sorry, bro," the text read. "Left country. Give love to Tim. He boring, but nice cock."

That was so typical of Sis. Leaving others to sort out her problems.

Once I had had to rid our school of 10 000 locusts. The headmaster had pissed her off, and she was going through the 10 Plagues of the Pharaoh.

I looked over at Tim who smiled sheepishly to me. He was boring. But he did have a nice cock. And his family was filthy rich. The divorce would bring in millions, and I could finally buy that yacht I had always dreamed of.

I looked down at my tits and sighed. Pretty small as tits go, but the nipples seemed to like the idea of me riding Tim's cock.

"Here i come Tim!" I whispered. "Don't go anywhere!"

This one is dedicated to Sissytif

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