Poolboy - Poolgirl

Diamond Kitty from RK.com
There is one thing to remember about witches. They look back on a long history of persecution and harassment, most of it committed by insecure, sexist, men.

And although this is not very well known (the witches have after all managed to make sexist men stop believing in them), many of them have cured these men for their phobias by allowing them to get a taste of the other side.

This modern witch has poured Tiresias Elixir into the pool. That stuff is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, I can assure you!

The images of Tanner Mayes are taken from Brazzers.com.

The photos of Diamond Kitty from RealityKings.

You can download the PDF here and here!

If you are using a iPad or other tablet, you may want to read the photo comic over at Slideshare.


  1. Anonymous10/16/2013

    This is one of the sexiest ones i've ever read! Thanks again for your ever-increasingly great works!

  2. Anonymous10/18/2013

    It's hard to do underwater but I would! Good story

  3. Anonymous10/21/2013


  4. Anonymous5/09/2014

    can you upload more from this

  5. More pool stories. I'll make a note of that.


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