New TG video caption site

There is a new TG video caption site in town called TG Creation.

TG Creation is the work of Lilac Wren, who is following in the tradition of TG Tales. However, unlike TG Tales, Lilac does not shy away from hard core imagery.

I can tell you that finding pictures for longer photo comics is hard enough. Finding footage for videos is much harder, but Lilac definitely knows where to look.

One neat trick in video captioning is to make use of foreign language footage and make up your own translation. It works well as long as your audience does not know the original language.

I have embedded the video Drawn into the Underworld, where Lilac makes use of this technique. You can download the movie from TG Creation.

Please note that TG Creation stores movies as partitioned rar-files. All you need is some free rar-extraction software like UnrarX for the Mac or rarlab for Windows.

WARNING! This video contains explicit imagery and is for adults only!



  1. Thanks for the wonderful compliments here. I'm so happy that you like what I've done enough to mention it on your site this way. I'm a big fan so I'm delighted to be mentioned on your site.


  2. Anonymous5/07/2014

    Sorta like the Barcelona sex fair themes but more sensual and less posturing-- a better form of the sex art!


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