Emergency Room Sex Change

Tranisa has released a new POV video. POV is yet another three letter acronym any modern citizen needs to know. It means Point of View and refers to the fact that you (yes, you!) are the main star in the movie.

Unfortunately the whole movie starts with you (that's you again...) having a nasty motor cycle accident, which due to the laws of gravity, friction and other things I might have told you about if I paid attention in the physics class. leads to the, eh... well... some incapacitating... of your manly bits.

(If you have manly bits, that is. If you don't, well, let's say the plot soon breaks down into incoherence).

Anyway, you wake up at the hospital facing a very friendly and understanding hospital staff, who tells you that he above mentioned primary sex characteristics were not salvageable. However (ah ha!!!), they have a solution for you.

And yes, your girl friend also shows up. She always does at moments like this, doesn't she?

Staring Holly Kiss, Sapphire Blue, Jessica Jensen, Chessie Kay and Keith Hull.

The film costs US$ 14.99 and can be downloaded from the Tranisa web site!

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