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Tranisa has a new magical transformation video out. Full disclosure: The people behind it all are  good friends of mine.  That being said. Let me be perfectly clear about this: This is their best movie yet!

You want to know about the plot? All right, all right! Hold your horses!

Holly's  lesbian tendencies are causing problems in her marriage to Keith. She therefore ask her good friend Sapphire (Blue) to help her with a spell.

Sapphire guides her to the wonderfully weird witch, Madame Lazar (Chessie Kay), who knows what to do. She turns Keith into a beautiful girl (played by Jessica Jensen).

Keith's first day as a girl.

The feminization process has begun!

As is often the case with the Tranisa movies, there is a lot of wonderful British humor here, as well as some very decent acting.

Holly Kiss has an amazing ability to play such roles with a straight face. Sapphire Blue plays along in a wonderful manner. Jessica Jensen exaggerates her role as the crazy witch in such a way that her interpretation becomes completely believable, while Jessica Jensen channels the male panic in an exemplary fashion.  And what do you know: Male actor Keith (Hull) is a Tranisa fan!

Click here to buy the movie!

FACTS: Length: Ca. 35 minutes. Price: US$ 17,50. Downloads and streaming.

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  1. Anonymous11/22/2013

    Sounds interesting, but Tranisa, like most Brit entertainment, has never heard (Yes, this word is deliberate) of those of us with hearing impairments who simply cannot get the dialogue. I want the movies, but MUST have either subtitles or an SRT file in order to be able to enjoy the films.

  2. Anonymous11/23/2013

    Too bad it's about a girl/girl romance again, just like their previous magical scene. I'm just not into that at all. I really wish they'd do a boy/girl romance with the MtF as the girl, which AFAIK is something they's never done in all the dozens of movies they've made so far (if they did, they should have made it more obvious in the description of the movie, all of which I've read). Now that's something I'd actually be willing to pay for. This, however, is too expensive for something that's not really my cup of tea. So I guess I'll just have to keep on hoping...

    1. Sadly the costs of producing subtitles would be prohibitive. It would more than double the post production time.

    2. From the emails we have received in the last 3 years since going live, many customers seem to have a fear of including male characters. Which is why we have not done any films as you have suggested.

  3. This one actually looks sorta good. On the comment about subtitles, could you not upload it to youtube privately, turn on subtitles, then capture that for those that are deaf?

  4. Anonymous11/24/2013

    I used to translate subtitles a while back. Making a sub in .srt format is actually quite simple, and if you have the actual text in digital format, could be done in probably 2 to 3 hours (for a short movie like this one). All you'd have to do is set the timing in notepad and copy/paste the text.

    "...many customers seem to have a fear of including male characters."
    I'm not sure I understand this line. How could anybody be AFRAID of a character? I could understand that they might not like it, just like I don't like girl on girl or boy on boy, but being afraid of it? That's just ridiculous.
    But if most of your customer base would not buy a video with a boy/girl romance, then I understand why you would never make one. Too bad though, because if that's the case, then there's no point for me to ever check your site again, seeing as that's the only type of romance that does anything for me, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one, given how many captions, comics and stories there are out there about a boy/girl romance with a transformed guy as the girl. But that's mostly a different group than the one you've been catering to up till now, which are probably mostly transvestites and sissy's, whereas those who share my tastes are mostly transsexuals and other autogynephiliacs. So the fact that most of your current customers might not like it should not be surprising. You might actually get some new customers though once word gets out that you catered to people who share my tastes as well.

  5. When I say afraid I perhaps mean homophobic. We did a few films which focused on the male body too much. We had some emails from a few customers complaining that they only wanted the focus to be on the female characters and what they were doing to the male. A non sexual romance might be interesting. There are so many subject areas within transgender stories to try out. The magical films we have made have been received well, I was worried they would not sell. Might try something different in the new year and take a gamble. So watch this space.


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