Pretty Sweet

Hey Adam!

I want you to meet Eve. She is pretty sweet, isn't she?

What do you mean, if she is real? Of course she is real. I mean look at that hair. Soft and silky as in a shampoo commercial, and I can assure you there is no silicon in these two babies.

No, this one has never been a boy. Why do you think every single girlfriend I get has been a boy?

Yeah, I know I changed Alex into Alexandria, but he was such an obnoxious person. And he turned out all right, didn't he? I mean, you took your time with her.

No this is Eve, a genuine Eve, but she is a little bit shy, so you have to be a gentleman with her.

Say hello to Adam, Eve! He is a very good friend of mine, and I know he will take good care of you. Won't you, Alex?

All right, I will leave you two to it then. Alex, you can wire the fee to my bank account, and I'll send you her ID papers later, and don't forget to feed her now, right? We won't have a repetition of that sad Erin affair now, will we?

Eh, there was one more thing: Jason called. Apparently he had to go to an urgent business trip to Indonesia. Yeah, that's what I said as well. Still, he cannot make it to the party in Saturday, so there will be room for Eve there.

OK, see yah!

This one is for JaySeaver over at Rachel's.

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