- I know when I have been beaten, Phyllis. I will transfer the 100,000 tomorrow morning. You have definitely deserved them. My God! He is absolutely stunning! And the uniform. Is Brian actually working as a maid here at your hotel?

- We call her Connie now, just to make sure that her old life is over. Yes, she is working as a maid to pay for the hormones, the electrolysis and the tits.

- He -- I am sorry, she -- pays for this? But you forced this treatment on her!

- Let's say I have very good lawyers. When he realized that I would get everything he owned in a divorce settlement, including his hotel chain, he agreed to sign over it all to me in return for being able to keep a comfortable life style.

- But the hormones?

- Ah, the court order said that he had to take a cure in order to reduce his antisocial behavior.

- But he wasn't an aggressive person!

- The victor writes the history, dear. Anyway, compared to Connie, Brian was a very dominating person. After all he was CEO of a multibillion dollar company. I know how much that requires, because I have taken over that position now.

- But how did he agree to the feminization?

- Hmm, I took it one step at the time, dear. When his nipples started to grow, I used to play with them when making love. Licking them, biting them, just to turn him on. And he loved it so much that he didn't protest too much when they started to grow.

- Then I started to take control when having sex with him. It was me on top. It was me commanding him to go down on me. I believe it was a relief for him having one place where he didn't have to be in command, you know, so unconsciously he welcomed it.

- Then I started to use my finger, stimulating his anus. That confused him a lot. There was lots of "I am not gay" and that kind of thing, but I told him that it was for me. I wanted to explore my masculine side.

- Did he buy that?

- He did when I started pegging him.

- Pegging?

- I have this beautiful strap-on taylor-made in gold! When I gave him his first prostate orgasm, he cried like a girl. After that, it was easier for me to "explore my masculinity". He agreed not to cut his hair, to try on make-up, switch perfume from Boss to Chanel and so on.

- And the maid's outfit?

- He agreed to be my secret agent. To -- let me see how I put it -- "to study sexual pressure from hotel guests towards female employees".

- From these pictures there seems to be a lot of pressure.

- Yeah, pressure in the most pleasant of places. I make sure the male staff keep her entertained, although now I have even seen her "accidentally" drop in on attractive male guests. She has become one lovely slut, that one!

- So what's next?

- I will get my lawyers to get a declaration of incapacity and make me her legal guardian. Then, I guess, I will complete her transformation, and make her entertain at my swingers parties. Her old business partners will love that!

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This cap is for Connie!


  1. Anonymous5/10/2010

    one of the best you've ever done great pictures, degrading and free from magic and sci-fi

    more fully forced magic free wonders like this please


  2. omg its so good *fans myself* I love how men make us feel like such princesses even when we're filthy as porn.

  3. Anonymous11/10/2010

    uhmmm... I realy like the psicological side of this story and how Brian was slowly persuaded to be turned into a shemale. Great work!


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