The Artist

An artist inherits a magic medallion from his grandmother.
The medallion helps the wearer take on any human shape, and his grandmother talks to him from the grave, urging him to use it to know everything human. He so does.

But magics object of this kind can be used for many things.
So when his favorite female model fails to show up for work, what would be more natural than to ask his good friend Mark to step in?

This is the kind of thing that only happens in TG fiction, of course, but what the heck!

The images are from Totallyreadhead.com. Totally Readhead is -- apart from that red hair thing -- especially good at glamorous photo shoots and (for some peculiar reason) esthetically improved cocksucking.

As always: There is, of course, no relationship between the models depicted and the fictional characters of the story.

For an easy to read full screen version go to Slideshare via this link and click on Full.

Click here to download the full screen PDF file to your own computer!

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