Beautiful Otherness (Genesis 2.0)

The Old Testament creation myth bugs me. 

It is so clearly a rewriting of the old Sumerian myths, where the Goddess was the creator, where the tree of knowledge was a gift to mankind, and where suffering was part of nature, not the result of some silly mistake made of Eve.

So here is Genesis 2.0 for us worshippers of the female form and spirit!

The images are fetched from First Time Videos, one erotic site I am testing at the moment. 

Unlike Brazzers and Realitykings (which I use a lot for captioning) FTV is less explicit. There are no men in their videos or photo shoots, only beautiful women - alone or together.

Moreover, they clearly use very professional photographers, and some of the compositions are just stunning!

If you have some kind of broadband, I very much recommend that you download a file to get a larger view and a much better quality:

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You may click on the triangle below to see a small size version of the video. However, I recommend that you go to my dedicated page over at DivShare to watch a larger version with much better image quality!


  1. In the Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes (I think) tell a somewhat similar story - basically, people used to have both sex organs, and then the gods split everyone apart into two halves, one male and one female. Sex and love are about the desire to go back to that primitive unity.

  2. Yes, he did!

    In Renaissance Alchemy the psychological process of processing the Philosopher's Stone included symbols of an hermaphrodite uniting the king and the queen, signifying that the Alchemist had to reconcile the masculine and feminine elements (in reality his own psyche) in order to reach his goal.

    When you start looking, you soon find this symbolism all over the place. I believe it is very old. Shamans are for instance known to change gender in order to journey the spirit world, which is why male shaman often dress up as women and visa versa.


  3. rebecca, what a beautiful video! dollyanne really enjoyed that. It reinforces dolly's belief that man evolved to serve the needs of women! Thank you!


  4. I loved this and can feel it in me. Thank you rebecca.


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